5 Simple Ways to Keep Our Mind Sharp


5 Simple Ways to Keep Our Mind Sharp

Having a sharp mind has a lot to do with having a sharp memory. Sharp memory means the ability to remember a lot of things together when it comes to learning. Having a good memory help us to recollect things easily and makes our life much easier. Those who have poor memory find it difficult to remember day to day happenings, contacts, places, information and as a result face a lot of difficulty.

Now let us focus on some steps which will show how to improve our memory:

1. Eating the right nutrients: It has been seen that eating antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids in requisite amounts can boost up memory. Animal meat, fish oil, coconut oil. Walnuts also help in improving memory.

2. Exercise and meditation: Exercising helps in the flow of more oxygen to the brain and nerve cells. Meditation relaxes our brain and muscles and help the brain to function better.


3. Quit multitasking: Doing a lot of things together can hamper our memory. The brain takes 8 seconds to absorb a piece of information and convert it into memory. So when we are talking over the phone, cutting vegetables and watching T.V, all together we might not remember what we saw in the T.V.

4. Sleep: Getting a good sleep is very important because the nerves, brain cells and muscles relax when we sleep and improves our memory.

5. Playing Games: It has been seen that playing certain games which require intelligence can make our brain work faster and improve our thinking ability.

Let us discuss about some games which help to keep our mind sharp:

a. Chess: It is the best and the oldest game which is believed to sharpen our mind. We need logic, knowledge and intelligence to play this game.

b. Rubik’s Cube: To match same colors on each side of the cube is a difficult job. One needs concentration and patience to play this game.

c. Sudoku: This is a mathematical game and requires intelligence. Playing this game can surely improve our thinking ability

d. Crosswords puzzles: Playing crossword puzzles not only improves our vocabulary but also help us to learn new words.

e. Rummy: Playing this game not only requires good luck but also intelligence as we need to predict what cards our opponents may own