6 Simple Foods for Your Eyesight

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6 Simple Foods for Your Eyesight

We are so caught up in finishing our work within the deadlines but have you ever given any consideration for your little precious eyes? Well, it’s a food for thought for you. By the way, foods that you eat can actually improve your eyesight, so it’s like a double promotion healthy diet equates healthy eyes.

#1: Fish

A good cold water fish like sardine, tuna or even salmon, which is rich in omega 3 fatty acids keeps your eyes hydrated thereby preventing dry eye syndrome and can also prevent cataracts. Omega 3 contents reduce the eye pressure and chronic inflammation of the eyelids. If you are not a fan of seafood, oil supplements can do the trick as well.


#2: Refreshing Green

The foods which are termed as “green” like spinach and kale are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein content which will keep your eyes lustrous and free from cataracts. A good and well-prepared salad with peas and broccoli also adds to the richness and further increases the proteins. So what are you waiting for? Go mix up a scrumptious salad for yourself!

#3: Eggs

Eggs are not only a good bodybuilder diet, but it also fights against night blindness as well as dry eyes. They are considered to be rich in Vitamin A and lutein. The yolk which most of the people dislike eating, but it prevents the thinning of the area around pupil which is otherwise known as macula which enhances the quality of our vision. There are various types of eggs nowadays, so you need to get your basics right to know which is real or plastic eggs.

#4: Meat love

There is some good news for meat lovers! Red meat contains zinc in it which helps to absorb vitamin A which is present in carrots and various other ingredients which further decreases the possibility of cataracts and muscular degeneration. As too much honey is bad for health, excess consumption of meat can cause blindness so, you need to know where to draw a line between you and your love.

#5: Orange Carrot it is!

I’m sure you were fond of having crispy carrots from your childhood well, at least you did something good as carrots are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both help to fight against muscular degeneration as well as cataract. It enhances the ability to see clearly.

#6: Whole Grains

Eating whole grains including barley, wheat and corn can help reduce the chances of getting retina damage with age. The eye tissue is strengthened which further helps in the protection of eyes from inflammation and light, it is the zinc content that makes this possible. Similar to the other discussed food items this also helps in preventing cataract diseases.