6 Unknown Facts About The Cat-Eyed Gorgeous Actress, Akshara Haasan!


Akshara Haasan (25), who made her debut with the film Shamitabh, is all set for her 2nd Hindi release i.e. “Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana”. Akshara has a completely different mindset and she chose this role because it was quite challenging.


Apart from that, Akshara is also getting ready for her Tamil debut with the film “Vivegam”, co-starring Vivek Oberoi and Ajith Kumar. Here are some unknown facts about her…


1. Akshara is an awesome dancer!
Reports says Akshara loves to dance; apart from taking professional training in western dancing styles like hip hop, cha cha and salsa, she is well versed in Bharatnatyam too. Renowned Padma Subramanhyam has trained Akshara in Bharatnatyam and she’s too good at it.

2. She hasn’t taken any professional training in acting!
What sets her apart from other celebrity kids is, Akshara isn’t a trained actor, and she herself admitted that she first faced the camera during Shamitabh. Akshara didn’t give any audition for this role; R Balki met her at a function and narrated the script. She instantly connected with the character and said a “Yes”.

3. Akshara owes a lot to her parents!
When she was 10, her parents Kamal and Sarika split. This incident has made Akshara very strong; she can boldly face the realities of life. Moreover, Akshara thanks her parents for teaching her the importance of discipline.

4. She’s least bothered about LOOKS!
Akshara believes in inner beauty; she hardly cares about her looks. The actress says that instead of having too many people by your side, it is good to have selected people, who genuinely care and accept you the way you are.

5. She wants to go bald!
Akshara is too eager to go bald for a role. Unlike other actresses who are very particular about their hair and looks, Akshara wants to try something new. In fact, she’s already ready with a pair of scissors, LOL!

6. Akshara loves staying independently!
Akshara Haasan says that if a person stays independently, he/she becomes more responsible. Her boarding school taught her many things and helped her take better decisions. Currently, she’s staying in Mumbai and enjoying her independent life.