Sep 30, 2023
For those of us who aren’t born with a silver spoon, we often wonder how to become rich and quickly. We go through inspiring stories of millionaires and billionaires, look for lucrative investment options and even take up side business to achieve a billionaire tag.

And, becoming rich in India is different when compared to other countries. In a country like India, becoming a filthy rich person can take a lot of time due to red tapism, corruption, family backing, etc.

But, this doesn’t mean you will kill your dreams and lead a mediocre life. In order to succeed and make things work in your favour, you have to march forward and work hard.

There is no substitute to hard work. Once you zero upon an idea, you should not look back as there is nothing bigger than regret in life.

Recently, a similar question was asked on Quora, on ways to become a billionaire in India before you hit 35, and there were interesting answers.



It doesn’t matter what field you want to pursue, you can be passion about anything. An engineer can be passionate about fashion or even an investment banker can be passionate about cooking. Look for your passion and build on it. Your life should revolve around it.