Sep 27, 2023

It’s often said that it’s difficult to understand a woman. From being overtly emotional to being hyper at times, a woman is unpredictable to say the least. Most women have their pet peeves and most men are clueless about them. If you are struggling to impress the woman of your dreams and know not what goes wrong every time, heed these 8 things that might be putting her off.

1. Not Giving Her Enough Attention

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

Women always complain about men not giving them enough attention. No matter how independent a woman is, she wants to be heard and cared for by her partner. Asking her simple questions about her day and her wellbeing makes her feel that you care. Nothing is more comforting to her than a patient ear after a hard day at work.

2. Not Being Punctual

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

It isn’t very nice to keep a beautiful woman waiting. What is even worse is to see her fuming with rage when you are late. Women expect dates to be special, and finding the man waiting for her with or without flowers is something they look forward to.  And if, God forbid, you are late, make sure you call her and let her know. And keep that tone apologetic.

3. Bad Body Odour

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

Nothing is more off-putting for a woman than a sweaty smelly man on a date. No matter how busy your work schedule is, you can’t afford to have body odour when meeting your lady love. All it takes is a little personal hygiene to get rid of that obnoxious body odour. You don’t want her to cringe with disgust when you kiss her goodnight.

4. Hogging The Remote

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

Men are known for being happy with just two things in life. The first one being food and the second one being sex. If ever there is a third thing, then it has to be watching sports on television. Most women hate the fact that the men in their lives spend more time with the idiot box than with them. And the situation hits the roof when her favourite show is about to start and you are still busy watching cricket. Taking turns to watch your favourite shows is something that will work for the both of you.

5. Being A Chauvinist

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

It’s good to love yourself but not at the cost of making your woman feel inferior. Women love men who are confident, understanding and are sensitive towards their emotions. Boasting about yourself and patronizing women will not get you anywhere near them.

6. Wearing Too Much Bling

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

Dressing up like Hrithik Roshan would be expecting too much from men but then, what is not expected is them turning up looking like Govinda from the 90s. A bad fashion sense is one of the first things women get put off by. A good sense of style does not depend on branded clothes.

7. Embarrassing Her In Public

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

Women attach great importance to making a good appearance together with their partners in public. The last thing you want to do is make her feel vulnerable and embarrassed in front of her friends or strangers. Exaggerated displays of physical affection in public might not go down well with many women. If you can’t dance, don’t push your limits by asking her for a dance. Whatever you do, just don’t make a fool of yourself in public.

8. Being Unhygienic

Things About Men That Turn Women Off

Women absolutely detest men who do not take care of themselves. It is not very difficult to get rid of hair on your body. If Anil Kapoor could do it, so can you! No woman likes an overtly hairy man. All you need to do is to get your hands on the new Body Groomer Range from Philips. With the use of this body groomer range, you will not only feel good and confident about yourself but will also score a lot of brownie points with the ladies.

Men who are guilty of any of these are nothing but a pain to the women in their lives. Share your experiences with such men using #MrPainful on Twitter.

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