Mar 1, 2024

Smiling woman drive a car and looking at camera through the car window.

Car insurance for ladies is generally much cheaper as compared to men in UK. The main reason behind is female drivers posses more patience and matured enough to drive safe. While men drivers are found more rash while driving and impatient at signals.

If you are a female driver and is looking for car insurance or renewing your vehicle insurance, then you can gain through low amount of insurance premium. Ladies car insurance is always less expensive as they are considered as the safe drivers than men. They are involved in fewer collisions as compared to men when they are in an accident. As compared to men women drivers are less aggressive behind the wheel. They tend to drive fewer miles as compared to men. Generally, the accident occurs while parking the vehicle.

The car insurance for ladies is available at discounted price. There are insurance companies specialised in providing best car insurance policies especially for ladies. They offer the tailored policies in order to provide maximum benefit to the women in case of any accident.

Well, the price is not just the consideration, there are lot of things needs to be considered while buying car insurance especially for lady drivers. There are different kinds of insurance policies available. Each policy is different than that of the other and may or may not cover some important things. So, it is vital to go through the benefits the policy masks before buying the same.

Let us discuss on the factors that can affect the price of insurance premium and the size of an insurance premium!


Age matters when it comes to buying car insurance. Statistically, the young female drivers are involved in many more accidents as compared to aged and senior lady drivers.


As compared to male drivers, the female drivers are charged less for car insurance. The statistic states that; on average female drivers are safer and cause fewer accidents as compared to male drivers. But as per EU law it is illegal to charge different premiums depending on the gender.


Location also effect on the price of car insurance. In rural countries with lower traffic density and fewer cities, the premiums are lower. However, in the cities with higher traffic volumes higher amount of insurance is charged.

Claims History

Having accidents confirms that you are at a higher risk and thus your premium. The insurance companies share information on your claims history and based on it the insurance premiums are charged.

Policy Cover

There are three types of coverage available and depending on what kind of coverage you select, the price of insurance premium is calculated. The Fully Comprehensive Cover covers the damages to your own car as well as the injuries and damages to third party in case you are at fault. The Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover covers the damages and injuries to third party if it is your fault as well as the loss or damages caused to your car by fire and theft. The Third Party Only Cover covers the damages or injuries to third parties in case you are at fault. There is no coverage involved for your car.

Car Rating Group

The car makes are at great to influence the insurance premium rates. The car insurance premium is calculated on the basis of the car model and car brand you have. Fast, high-powered cars with large engines are charged with higher insurance premiums while low-power and economy models are charged less. This is because high power engine cars tend to cost more to repair as compared to low-power cars. The vehicles those are with a good safety records are charged with low rate insurance premium and vice versa.