Best Honeymoon Destinations In India


Looking for the most romantic places for honeymoon in India? Here are some top rated and top ranking honeymoon destinations you can enjoy in India. Plan your memorable togetherness at one of the most popular and most relaxing honeymoon destinations.

Going for honeymoon is a common practice among the young couples. Right after the wedding, they plan for the honeymoon to exotic places. Asian countries, especially India host most amazing and exotic places for worth remembering honeymoon. Let us talk about some of the great destinations in India for newly married couples!


Kerala, the green paradise on the earth, is the top rated destination for honeymooners. It has some of the immaculate hill stations shipped with attractive grasslands, refreshing stretches greenery, stretches of tea and coffee agriculture, etc. Canals, lakes and rivers add beauty to the surrounding areas making them the beautiful hill stations for holiday makers and for honeymooners.


Kerala is a sought-after place for honeymoon in India. Munnar and Wayanad offers a wonderful time while you enjoys a romantic cruise journey in Alleppey. If you love to be relaxed and want to enjoy sun bath, Kovalam beach can be the fantastic location. Here you can found number of resorts and hotels where you can indulge in a romantic experience with evening cruises.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

These islands are the best destinations perfect for uninterrupted honeymoon. It has become the most perfect honeymoon spot where you can enjoy exploring tropical lush green forests, lovely beaches, sparkling waters and most romantic locations. A group of hundreds of small islands are great resorts surrounded by sun-kissed beaches excellent for honeymoon in India.

It can be a summer or winter, Andaman and Nicobar islands are best spot for honeymoon. Surrounded by water from all sides, having a honeymoon on this island is truly an excellent idea. It is one of the most exotic destinations filled with hills, jungle life, colourful fishes, etc. You can enjoy windsurfing, water-skiing, speed boats, glass-bottom boat rides and much more. Snorkelling and scuba diving is excellent to enjoy with your life partner only at Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Jammu And Kashmir

The heaven on the earth, Jammu and Kashmir is the top rated honeymoon destination for those who love snow and beauty of the nature. This is the most demanding destination by newly married couples. Here you can enjoy valleys lush, lakes with sparkling ripples, high mountains and snow around. Couples can enjoy ice trekking, romantic weather, beautiful landscapes and much more. Ladakh, Dal Lake, Shalimar garden, Nubra valley, Sheshnag lake, Betaab valley, and many more places are ideal for the couples to enjoy the beautiful moments of their life.


Goa is an exotic place with excellent mixture of fun and beauty in the most modern way. The honeymoon in Goa is worth remembering and filled with fun too. The warm suns, golden beaches, endless sea, swaying coconut palms are all beautiful. Water sports, wind surfing, deep sea fishing are all filled with thrill and fun ideal for adventurous couples. Best sea-food paired with top drawer hot and cold drinks are what you can enjoy with your partner only in Goa. Goa is best for honeymoon in summer and in winter.


There are several resorts and beautiful places in Gujrat for honeymoon in India. Kutch, the most famous and ideal place for honeymoon, is best to visit between December and February. The couples who love shopping the embroidered clothes, Kutch and Bhuj are ideal places in Gujrat. Here you can enjoy colourful deserts with white sands along with wildlife sanctuaries.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is one of the most popular destination for holiday makers and for honeymooners. Well-known for historic and cultural significances, Tamil Nadu boasts serene beaches, shimmering rivers and lakes, rich and varied wildlife and many more attractions. Here you can enjoy some of the finest beaches making your honeymoon experience worth remembering one. Kanyakumari Beach, Marina Beach, Coverlong Beach and Rameshwaram Beach are some of the famous honeymoon spots in Tamil Nadu. You can enjoy shopping in colourful bazaars with lots of fun and variety of foodies.


For those who want to add a royal touch to their honeymoon, Rajasthan can be a great place to visit. With full of palaces and royal buildings, it can be a worth place for royal honeymoon. The best time to visit Rajasthan is between October and February where you can enjoy riding on camels and elephants. Well acknowledged as the land of romance, Rajasthan offers you several places for honeymoon in India. Udaipur, Jaipur, Mount Abu, Bikaner, Jodhpur and many more places are worth visiting here. Here couples enjoy royal comfort and pleasure along with cultural shows of Rajasthan making the honeymoon an unforgettable. So enjoy the royal and elegant ambience in the colourful and princely state of India.

Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, Kulu Manali are the most exotic romantic and most beautiful destinations for majestic honeymoon experience in India. Surrounded with fruit orchards, hot water springs, splendid mountains, caves, temples, forests, rivers and natural beauty, Himachal Pradesh host most beautiful places for honeymoon in India. The honeymoon packages in Himachal Pradesh are filled with joy and happiness. Flooded with shops, restaurants and hotels; you can enjoy trekking, mountaineering outfits and wayside food stalls. No doubt, your honeymoon will be filled with pure joy and enjoyment.


Located in West Bengal in the arms of Lesser Himalayas, Darjeeling is the most exotic place for honeymoon in India. This is one of the most picturesque and peaceful place excellent for newly married couples. Often referred as the Queen of Hills, Darjeeling serves the cool climate excellent for tourism. Summer is the ideal time to enjoy honeymoon in Darjeeling where you can enjoy visiting different places.


For those who love speeding down the snow-covered peaks and ski-workshops, Uttarakhand can be the ideal spot. This is yet another romantic place where you can enjoy lakes, aerial ropeway, fruit orchards, food farms and chocolate mountain trails. Nainital and Mukteshwar are the most romantic places in Uttarakhand where couples can have romantic and worth remembering honeymoon experience.

There are many more magnificent places in India where you can have unforgettable honeymoon. Browse for the ideal place that goes with your choice so that you can enjoy your honeymoon and can have fun in the most magnificent days of your life. Enjoy candle light dinners, stay in jungles, stroll around the lovely beaches, sooth yourself with beautiful nature, relax in the royal comfort and pleasure. Enjoy your most important days with your life partner. Book the most exotic hotel suit where you can enjoy staying and sharing ideas with your life partner. Enjoy shopping, dining and different activities so that you can have a real fun with your lovely life-partner.