CES 2024 Showcases the Hottest Innovation: An AI-Powered Grill Cooking Steaks in Just 90 Seconds

CES 2024 Showcases the Hottest Innovation

Monument grill from Home Depot, which set me back about $650, I approached Seergrills’ announcement of the new Perfecta, touted as the “world’s first AI-powered grill,” with skepticism.

However, witnessing this innovation firsthand at CES 2024 changed my perspective entirely. The Perfecta is undeniably an impressive piece of technology, stealing the spotlight at the show. It employs dual vertical infrared burners that pulse and move horizontally, reaching temperatures as high as 1,652°F while offering 360° cooking capabilities.

The unique result is a high-tech grill that can grill a 1-inch ribeye steak in just 90 seconds and cook four chicken breasts in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This raises the question: where does the AI aspect come into play?

Seergrills asserts that its Perfecta incorporates a robust quad-core processor and a suite of intelligent sensors. These sensors measure various aspects of both the food and the environment, including thickness and temperature. Users can conveniently set their desired doneness and sear level through a user-friendly touchscreen interface.


The innovative design of the Perfecta, with its vertical burners and 360° cooking capabilities, eliminates the need for flipping. This feature allows the grill to address the edges and sides simultaneously. Additionally, concerns about flare-ups during grilling are alleviated, as the Perfecta expels water vapor and gases through the top while collecting fat drips in a dishwasher-safe drip tray located below.

For added convenience, the Perfecta app takes things a step further. Users can not only set preferences for doneness and sear level but also rate their meals within the app. This data enables the AI to learn and enhance its performance over time.

However, utilizing the Perfecta requires a 12V electric connection and a propane hookup. The company emphasizes the durability of its design, made from stainless steel and ceramic glass, ensuring resilience against various weather conditions.

While some may question the joy of grilling when incorporating technology, expressing concerns about losing the disconnect that grilling often provides, Seergrills addresses these reservations by emphasizing the potential time savings and efficiency of the Perfecta. Yet, the company acknowledges the joy and tradition associated with traditional grilling, acknowledging that not everyone in the family may prefer their steaks cooked the same way.

Despite these reservations, the anticipation remains high to witness the real-world performance of the Seergrills Perfecta and see how well it integrates into the grilling experience.