How To Deal With Social Anxiety


Social anxiety involved experiencing unhelpful emotions such as fear, worry and embarrassment about social situations.

You can be concerned that you might be judged, criticised or rejected at social events, which makes you avoid them. If you’re experiencing social anxiety, below are some tips you can use to deal with this and approach social situations with confidence.

Challenge Unhelpful Thoughts About Social Events

Deal with social anxiety-Challenge Unhelpful Thoughts About Social Events

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Underlying social anxiety can be negative thoughts you have in your mind. Such thoughts are made up of images and movies about yourself struggling in social events. You can challenge such thoughts by questioning how realistic they are. You can ask yourself whether the event will really turn out as bad as you think and whether you might be over exaggerating. Remind yourself that it’s just a thought. A thought isn’t something physically real like a ball, which you can hold in your hand. If it isn’t ‘real’ then you need to deal with it by not taking it that seriously.

Using Your Imagination

Deal with social anxiety-Using Your Imagination

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As a human you have the ability to imagine the way you want to be, including in social situations. Imagine yourself vividly being a confident and a sociable person in your mind. In order to help you do this, ask yourself what you would look like and feel like, if you could deal with social situations in the way you want? Use your answers to these questions to help you imagine the person you want to be. Doing so will send messages to your body and you will begin to feel confident. Use this as a way to increase your motivation to face social situations.

Use Positive Self-Talk

Deal with social anxiety-Use Positive Self-Talk

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Negative self-talk is also connected to social anxiety. Sit down and analyse any negative sentences you say to yourself about you and social situations. Next, make a list of 10 positive statements, such as I am confident in social situations, I can mingle with people in social events, and I do enjoy going to parties and keep repeating these out loud daily, with a tone of conviction and empowerment. Doing so will help to change the internal language you use to that which is positive. This will help to change the way you feel, for the better and increase your motivation.

Take Action

Deal with social anxiety-Take Action

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In order to deal with social anxiety, face your difficult situations by going into them again and again. By doing this, over time you begin to experience less anxiety when you’re in them.

Learn From Going Social Situations

Deal with social anxiety-Learn From Going Social Situations

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Use every social situation you go into, as a learning experience and an opportunity to get over your anxiety and improve your social skills. Look at it as an experiment. When you go into a social situation, then go ahead and interact with others if you feel confident enough. If you don’t, just go and be present there. The next time you go, you can be bolder and do something different like be the first to speak up during a conversation, or take the initiative and introduce yourself to a new person.

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