In this world of industrialization, several machines have been invented. The machines such invented have made life more convenient. Most of these machines need an electric motor for functioning or for to operate. The electric motor fitted inside the machine plays a key role in transforming the electrical energy into the efficient mechanical energy.

The electric motors are used in different machines. They are present in all the machine, no matter a small machine or big sized machine. Normally, the electric motors functions through the connection of winding currents for force and the magnetic field and thus are very essential for any machine to operate. Well, the electric machines need to be replaced after certain period of time. There will be times when you should replace the motors and you need to find replacement. You should be well versed with the specifics of the motor that you want to replace.

Uses Of The Motors

  • The electric motors are present in almost all the machinery. It is used in diverse applications.
  • The industries uses the motors in pumps, blowers, fans, power tools, machine tools, household appliances, disk drives, etc.
  • The power sources differ from the size of the motor used and also upon the country. It depends on the generators, inverters, AC (altering current sources from power grids), and DC (different current from motor vehicles, batteries or rectifiers).
  • The pump storage, pipeline compression and ship propellers need very large electric motors. Usually, the electric motors they need may reach up to 100 megawatts.
  • Whereas, the electric watches needs small motors to run.
  • Loudspeakers (transducers) and the magnetic solenoids (actuators) change electricity into movement and they do not produce mechanical power that can be used.

Depending on the uses, the electric motors are categorized as electric motors for internal construction, the type of motion and the application type among the other machineries.

Look For The Correct Motor Replacements

If you want to replace the electric motor, then you need find the right motor for your machine. Searching for the right motor replacement is truly a complicated task, if you are doing it for the first time. If you don’t know exactly what to do, then it may create complications. Here are some tips that can help you to choose the correct motor replacement that can be a perfect choice for your machinery.

1)  Locate The Part Number

Locating the part number is the most accurate way in identifying the right motor for your machine. The part number or the reference number of the model is the ideal way to find identical motor and is very easy to do. You can easily locate the label or the nameplate attached somewhere on the motor’s outer body. It displays the information which is very useful in finding out the prefect motor to replace yours.

2)  Match The Size

Matching the physical dimension of the motor along with electrical specification will help you to find the replacement motor that can fit and work with your machine.

3)  Consider The Same Brand Motor

There are companies those make motors for other companies. You can find out the brand of the motor so that you can easily order it with the specific company. The motor manufacturer for the machine could easily have the exclusive number on the machine. You can also find the address of the manufacturer on the motor.

Motor Specification Considerations

Here are some important considerations that you should take into account while inspecting them.

  • Physical Dimension: Here you should consider the length, diameter, shaft’s length and diameter, number of shafts, frame size, etc.
  • Enclosure: You should look whether the motor is TEAO (Totally enclosed air over), TEFC (Totally enclosed, fan-cooled) or ODP (Open drip proof)
  • Mounting: Every motor consists of specific type of mounting. You should consider whether the mounting is vertical or horizontal. It can have through-bolts, belly band, rigid based and a cradle base.
  • Electric Specifications: You can easily find the data regarding electric specifications on the nameplate of the motor. The information consists of volts, HP, Amps, Rotation, RPMs, SF/Service factor, phase one or three (especially for industrial and appliance applications)
  • Some Additional Specifications: This includes the specifications of the motor with respect to capacitor start, PSC (permanent split capacitor), shaded pole, the motor attachment, application, the sleeve or ball bearing, etc.

Look For Motor Replacement Online

This is the most convenient option available. You can easily have the motor replacement online provided you know the specification of the motor that you need for the machine. So that you can easily place the order with what exactly fit to your specifications.

Here are some good websites you can refer for online replacement of the motor.

  • E-Motors Online: You can find a wide variety of motors to choose from the electric control such as AC, DC and HVAC motors. The site also offers repair and retrofit of the AC and DC motors. Select the right category that perfectly matchs to your need.
  • Engineersmate: If you want to purchase a single phase electric motor, this is the best website where you can find exactly as per your requirement. Here you can find SPEM from 0.37 kW to 3.7 kW, 4 or 2 pole in permanent capacitor, flange or foot mount, cap or start run. Here you can find certain levels of modifications for foot or flange mounting, IP upgrades, extended shaft or terminal boxes that are top or side mounted. The technical team offers quality online assistance any time.
  • eBay: eBay is the perfect website to find electric motor for replacement. With this site you can freely browse for the motor you require. The customer care available can be advantageous for you in finding out the exact motor replacement.

Tips And Suggestions To Find Correct Motor Replacement

  • You can perform independent online research that can help you in looking out the right motor for your machine
  • You can consult the companies with years of experience and credible background. They could easily help you in locating the right motor for your machine or they can suggest you the alternative options for your motor.

Replacing motor of any machine is quite a tedious job and a complicated task. With proper guidance and support it is possible to find the right motor for replacement. You can take online assistance, check for motor specification, ask for the motor manufacturer, etc. Definitely, you can find the motor as per your specification and can keep your machinery in working condition.