Mar 1, 2024

It’s Avatar day. After the 13-long-years, the sequel to James Cameron’s movie is going to hit the screens. The sequel is titled Avatar: The Way of Water. The original film held the title of the highest-grossing film ever for the longest time and now, eyes are on the box office reports of Avatar 2. There is tremendous hype already and the advance booking figures suggest that Avatar 2 is already on its way to glory. But before the film hits the screens, here are some amazing and interesting facts about the original. Also Read – Avatar The Way Of Water: Fees of Sam Worthington and more cast members will leave your head spinning

Avatar was written in 1994

If reports are to be believed James Cameron wrote Avatar in 1994. He penned an 80-page document outlining the world of pandora but it was only after several years that he could find the right technology to transform his imagination into reality. Avatar released in 2009 and it was a visual treat. Also Read – Devoleena Bhattacharjee targeted by trolls; say ‘rest in fridge’ as they bring up Love Jihad and Aftab Poonawala case

Matt Damon was offered Avatar

In one of the interviews for Lad Bible, Matt Damon accepted that he turned down Avatar and he regrets it as he was offered 10 percent of it. He said, “James Cameron offered me 10 percent of Avatar if I did it, but I was working on post-production for The Bourne Ultimatum.” He could have easily made $250 million back then. That’s A LOT. Also Read – Kareena Kapoor Khan to Disha Patani: Bollywood actresses who kissed their partners in public

James Horner invented instruments for the score

James Horner did the music for Avatar. The American composer who passed away in 2015 reportedly made instruments to create music for this one. The music was first created on the computer and then played through keyboards, and other instruments. Reportedly, the animal noises were also borrowed from Jurassic Park.

Two different 3D camera rigs were used

James Cameron started work on Avatar in 2005 and it took almost four years to create the film. He used two sets of rigs to shoot the film. 80 percent of the film was shot on a rig that allowed the lenses of two cameras to overlap, creating a visual treat.

1000 words of Na’vi language were penned by a linguist

A linguist named Dr. Paul Frommer was the one who wrote Na’vi language. He made around 1000 words of the language and taught the cast. He is also the one who made Barsoomian language for John Carter.

China renamed a mountain after Avatar

Pandora’s floating pillar in Avatar is inspired by China’s Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. Thus after the stupendous success of the film, China renamed the mountain Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.

Na’vi costumes were built in real

As per the reports, all the Na’vi costumes were built in real. It also helped the animators to visualise how the feather would be flow and have an indepth understanding of the complete look.

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