The Visionless Man Who Thought That No Disability Can Prevent Anyone From Achieving Their Dream


A blind teen from India, Karthik Sawhney opened the eyes of many visionless officials in the education field. He believed that any kind of disability cannot prevent a person from achieving his or her goals or dreams. He was denied admission by IIT in India but was welcomed with both hands by Stanford. Blind students in India were deprived of learning Maths and Science on completing 8th grade and instead have no choice but take up music, literature, arts and other subjects.

Karthik had passion for Maths and Science. With assistance from an NGO campaign, relatives and parents, he faced the officials and eventually the CBSE board had no choice but to give up. Karthik appeared for the Board exams and cleared with 96%, a score that took everyone by surprise. He was passionate about making websites, and in the 8th attempt, he built his own website as a software developer. Karthik’s vision was indeed stunning.

He created a software application that could be accessed by anyone with a disability. Renowned colleges abroad need a salute for welcoming Karthik for the course despite his disability, while Indian engineering colleges shunned him from continuing higher education. He proved that despite any disability, one can achieve dreams with belief in self and tremendous confidence. Greatness has been achieved but by sacrificing something.

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