10 Of The Dumbest Things Celebrities Lied About


It’s just about impossible for celebrities to keep a clean slate. Paparazzi and their fans are always watching and wanting to know all about them. At some point, they’ll do something stupid, and it’s always better for them to fess up and admit to their wrongdoing. Not all of them do, and some get caught in serious issues that are simply flat-out embarrassing. Here are some celebrities that were eventually found out in wild and crazy lies.

Justin Bieber

The lie was a publicity stunt that featured the now legal-aged music star saying on Twitter that somebody stole his laptop and was leaking his nude photos. After his fans went absolutely nuts, he then admitted that it was just to promote a new music video.

Paris Hilton


The hotel heiress sure spiraled downhill after breaking out with the reality show, The Simple Life. She’s continually lied about smoking weed and using cocaine, even in court, only to be caught later on.


The rapper repeatedly told people that he was from the mean streets of Compton, California. Instead, he was caught on film saying that he was from “The Valley,” which is the San Fernando Valley. It’s definitely in a higher class than Compton.

Robin Thicke

When the 2013 hit “Blurred Lines” became a huge hit, he repeatedly said that Pharrell Williams and him worked on writing it together. That changed when the song was ran through court for copyright infringement of the Marvin Gaye song, “Got to Give it Up.” Thicke then said that Williams wrote the entire thing and he was simply a performer.

Tiger Woods

An unfortunate story of the world’s best golfer that had his career completely turned around when it was revealed that he cheated on his wife with a large amount of random women. His then wife of five years eventually found out and attacked him with one of his own golf clubs.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

Rumors of an affair between Pitt and Jolie propped up when they were making Mr. and Mrs. Smith in 2004. The problem back then was that Pitt was already married to Jennifer Aniston. Both of them were in denial of any wrongdoing until 2008, when both of them finally confessed that something did happen — they fell in love.

Victoria Beckham

Back in 1999, Beckham went from flat-chested to having bulging boobs. She said that it was due to push-up bras. That ended up not being true when she accidentally revealed that she got her implants removed.

Britney Spears

There’s been musical artists that have claimed eras of abstinence, but Spears made the bad move to say that she was going to wait until marriage to have sex. Well, Justin Timberlake admitted in a 20/20 interview that they shagged two years into their relationship. Spears said that she thought he was the one, and didn’t think he’d tell everybody on a news show.

Kim Kardashian

We all remember one of the bigger scandals involving Ray J, Kim Kardashian, and a sex tape that went viral back in 2006. Nick Cannon dated the now infamous diva for just a few months because Kardashian said there wasn’t a sex tape when rumors swirled around. In 2012, Cannon admitted that the revelation was the sole reason for their breakup.

Lance Armstrong

Perhaps an athlete caught in lies worse than Woods’ promiscuous adventures is one of the biggest jerks in American history. For years believed to be a hero that battled through cancer and won multiple Tour de France events, his legacy was stained when it was found that he used dope while on tour. Even worse, he would threaten others that knew about his secret to keep their mouth shut.