11 pics of Shah Rukh Khan with daughter Suhana that prove she is and will forever be ‘daddy’s little princess’


Suhana turns 17 today and just like all parents, even the Khans have something special planned for their daughter. Thanks to Gauri Khan’s post on Instagram, we have come to know that they have planned a sweet birthday bash for her. While we are not aware as to who is invited, who has already RSVP-ed or even whether Aryan, who is currently in US, will fly down to give her a surprise, what we do know is that daddy Shah Rukh is going to make it special for his princess!

Shah Rukh Khan has often spoken about how protective he is of his daughter Suhana. Well, that he is with all his kids but you know how a father and daughter share a very special bond. On several instances, he has spoken about how he would punch the F out of anyone who tries to kiss his daughter. In fact, he even laid out a set of rules for the boys if any of them wish to take his daughter on a date. Basically, he is the same overprotective father we all have. But it’s adorable to see his doting side, especially in pics. Hence, what we thought would make perfect sense on her 17th birthday would be to take her down the memory lane and check out pics where SRK has stood by her, ensuring her safety.

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Although lately, since Suhana has become old enough to take care of herself, she and Shah Rukh aren’t spotted together as much as they used to. But every time they are spotted, the father-daughter duo just make us swoon with their cuteness. Just recently, if you remember, Shah Rukh had escorted Suhana to the airport as they jetted out of the city. And yes, he made sure that she was by his side as they moved away from the shutterbugs. While Shah Rukh hasn’t really posted any sweet message or birthday wish for Suhana on his social handles yet, we are pretty sure that’s because he has a more loving gesture in store for her!