Avoid These Body Language Mistakes in Work Place


If you’re like any responsible adult who goes into work five days a week, you’re probably hoping to be promoted one day. You work your butt off, complete every assignment by overly exceeding your boss’s expectations, and always arrive 10 minutes early before your shift begins.

However, just because you check off some of these qualifications to be considered a great employee doesn’t exactly mean that your boss is going to call you into his/her office to give you a well-deserved raise. There are other factors that need to be taken into account — you know, aside from just showing up to work.

Your body language, for instance, could actually be the one thing that’s holding you back from growing in your career.

Without you realizing it, you could be crossing your arms too often, slouching in your seat, or — gasp — using your phone. While these little nuances may not seem that big of a deal in the comfort of your home or around your besties, doing them too often in the office could make you seem anxious or incompetent. Not sure which body language mistakes you’re making? Here are 12 that you should try to stay away from if you want to grow in your career.