Combat Stress With 10 Simple And Easy To Follow Steps


Life for a lot of people is getting quite stressful these days. Stress is easy to manage, if you know how to do it. Lots of tips are available to relieve stress. Actually it is easy to combat stress with 10 simple and easy to follow steps given here.

Make Lifestyle Changes

In the long run a few changes in lifestyle can be more effective. Become mindful which means adopt a somatic and meditative approach towards mental well being. To prevent stress from becoming a problem, a great approach would be to incorporate mental and physical exercises, Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga etc into your life. These days it is also easy to find a class that provides free courses, so try it out.

Green Tea Effect


Green tea is known to contain theanine and other healthy antioxidants as compared to the regular tea people drink. The amino acid theanine has a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system.

Eat Healthy Food

There is a close relation between proper healthy diet and levels of stress. People live hectic lives, consume more of pick me up, fatty and sugary snacks. Plan ahead of time and avoid the vendor’s machine. Symptoms of stress can be reduced best by consuming fish like tuna containing omega-3 fatty acids in high levels, veggies and fruits.

Exercise To Improve Mood

Exercising for even for a minute helps uplift your mood. In a stressful situation, immediate relief is provided if you do simply go for a short walk or do some stretching exercises in your office or home. No need to train at a gym or run a marathon for this. Your mood will improve instantly and endorphins released will get your blood pressure moving south.

Music Therapy

A stressful situation can overwhelm anyone. Classical or soothing music can be quite relaxing. Listen to calming classical music, take a break and see it affecting your body and brain, positively. Music therapy can encourage reduction of a hormone called cortisol linked to stress and lower down blood pressure as well.

Share Problems With A Good Friend

Talking out problems with your loved one or good friend, will help in case you are feeling overwhelmed. To ensure healthy lifestyle, it is also important to have good relations with loved ones and friends. When under stressful situations, everything can be put into perspective with a simple reassuring voice.

Deep Breathing

When it comes to stress, it is said breathe easy. Stress is caused with shallow breathing. Ensure deep and slow breathing, while concentrating on your lungs at the same time. Expand your chest fully so that your lungs too expand. This will help clear your mind, centre your body and oxygenate your blood.
Don’t Lose Out On Sleep
Sleep is lost if you feel stressed. In fact the cause of stress, is lack of sleep, unfortunately. So sleep better, at least for 7-8 hours. Do your best to go to bed, ensure proper time management, turn off the TV and lights, avoid caffeine and sleep well.

Burst Out Into Giggles

Level of hormones that cause stress can be decreased and mood improved, by laughing it off. Endorphins are released when you laugh and help reduce adrenaline and cortisol, two hormones that cause stress. Nervous system gets tricked with laughter.

Unplug Yourself Chill Out

Try to get yourself out of routine work, at regular intervals. Kick off your heels, stash your office bag out of sight, change your outfit and head for a swim, a run, a movie with friends or a shopping spree. You will find that mentally you begin drifting away from stress. This way you can combat stress with 10 simple and easy to follow steps.