The most effective method to expand sex stamina in men


Sex is a very spontaneous phenomenon. It cannot be forced upon the partner. If the intercourse is dissatisfying and does not last long, the partner will tend to get upset. The sex stamina in men is of utmost importance to have a pleasing and satisfying intercourse, as nothing displeases a woman more in bed than an exhausted and tired man. Often, men are not very open about their sexual problems, they are very much hesitant to talk about their sexual stamina issues with his close ones, even with his partner, this builds up the stress even more which leads to anxiety and worse sexual performance in bed.

Sex is a natural procedure in every human being that comes automatically. It is not necessary for anyone to teach the ways to have sex. Each couple and individual is comfortable in having sex in a different way. But, there are also exceptions to this. You may not see passion for sex in a 40 years old virgin with no exposure. Sometimes an inexperience teenager can also face the problem of low sexual desire and passion. But, today there are many ways to increase sex stamina in men.

It is a very common problem that men face at some point of their life. This is the problem of maintaining sex stamina in sexual performance. Men aim to last longer during the process and hence crave for this sexual stamina.

Causes or reasons for the low sexual stamina in men

Nowadays, men suffer from various sexual problems; less sexual stamina is one of them. As it is very well known fact, that, in an intercourse, men’s stamina is the key to good and satisfying sex, which if is low will causes tension between both the partners. Even the man himself, will feel very uncomfortable and frustrated. The low sexual stamina is not in the genes but occurs due to certain reasons, which are as follows:

  • Unhealthy food habits: Food plays a very vital role in improving the sexual stamina of a man. Unhealthy food intake or excessive junk food intake will disturb the sexual functioning of the body and reduce the ejaculation.
  • High medication: Men who stay on high medication suffer from this problem, they tend to get tired very easily and sweat during an intercourse. Medication should be taken when necessary. Some even take medication to improve their sexual stamina, ejaculation and erection, which is a very harmful aspect and has various adverse effects on the sexual drive and the asset of the man.
  • High intake of alcohol and excessive smoking: Alcohol and smoking controls the senses in a very unacceptable manner, they reduce the orgasm, which leads to lower sexual stamina.
  • Avoiding exercising: Exercise improves the blood circulation in the body, which is spread to the men’s asset and helps to have better and sufficient erection, which in turn, leads to have better ejaculation and helps the sex to last longer.
  • Distraction: when a man is unable to focus on his partner and his sexual drive, he tends to get distracted, which can be easily seen in his sexual performance. Due to a distracted mind, men often, are unable to control their orgasm and get anxious, which further leads to premature ejaculation and makes the sex last for a short period of time.
  • Anxiety and Stress: When a man is anxious and stressed out, the blood circulation regulates with lesser smoothness, this leads to sweating also. With an anxious and stressed mind, it becomes very difficult for the man on focus on his partner and results in poor sexual performance.

Necessity of increasing the sexual stamina in men

Men need to increase their sexual stamina with the help of healthy diet, regular and simple workout sessions, cutting down on the intake of alcohol, drug and cigarettes. The necessities of increasing the sexual stamina in men are as follows:

  • To make the sex last longer.
  • To make better orgasm.
  • To improve ejaculation.
  • To reduce stress, anxiety and tension.
  • To get utter satisfaction.
  • To enhance the sexual performance with more attention and sensitivity.

Men should not feel ashamed, if they are suffering from low sexual stamina, rather talk to his partner and consult a doctor, if necessary, as it is nothing to be ashamed of and can treated by following a healthy, relaxed and disciplined lifestyle.

There are more things you can try to keep up with the sexual stamina. Sex is not just a sensation. It is a kind of sport that you can practice on bed. However, there are several things for you to follow to be active on the bed.

It is important to have self stimulation and for this a frequent masturbation is required. The process is both natural and healthy. In this way one can take change of the sexual craze and respond to the same in particular.

Tips to increase sex stamina

Stretch groin muscle – You might find many people struggling with muscle pain in the morning after having passionate sex at night. It your can carry on with the exercise of stretching your groin on a regular basis; it might help reduce pain due to sexual position. With this you will easily have an increase in your sexual stamina and go ahead with forthcoming sexual epic.

Staying mentally focused – If you want to do something with your own desire, no one will ever change your mind. If you are mentally focused about having sex with your partner, it is good not to let your positive repercussion play in your mind. It is the time to avoid all types of worries and take all types of precaution when you are with your partner in the bed.

Workouts for building arm muscles – An individual willing to carry on with the sexual activity must have great upper body strength. But, much man fails to gain this stamina due to low strength in arm muscles. You must go ahead with proper workout so that you can hold the weight of your female partner on your shoulder and hands. You can also go ahead with an occasional free weight session that helps in toning up your arm muscles.

Improvement in blood flow – It is quite easy to run to a doctor to having decreased in sexual stamina or erectile dysfunction. But, have you ever tried something natural? It is now possible to increase blood flow to your groin. This can also be done without the help of Viagra at all. This is done through massaging regularly the central groin muscle that can easily help flow more blood to those areas that is very active during the bedroom activities.

Flexibility in abdominal muscles – It is good to see tight six packs than flabby 12 packs. If you are carrying on with the abdominal exercise, getting flexibility to adjust with abdominal muscle is now possible. This way, you can easily increase you sexual stamina in a great way. Since the abdominal muscles are the keys to provide burst to the sexual energy, you can easily drive your groin toward the forward direction. There after you can simply release it. If you practice this exercise repeatedly, it can help achieving success in sexual stamina. You will never be in a state of dissatisfying your partner by suddenly stopping your sexual activity in the middle of the bedroom activity.

Masturbate more— masturbation or self-stimulation is a very healthy and powerful way to control and increase one’s sexual stamina. It helps in shifting the sexual response which can be done by the start and stop method. This exercise will help in being comfortable during sexual intercourse because one will have control over his responses.

Foreplay is very helpful Men must remember that women need more time for orgasm and so in order to please them one must indulge in foreplay which will give time to the partner Foreplay includes touching, kissing, fondling and using erotic words in conversation.

Lubrication – is found to be a good method to increase sexual stamina and last longer in bed. Water based lubricants are better than oil based ones as there are chances of the oiled based ones breaking down.

Breathing Keep a control over breathing while having sex.Heavy breathing and stress can result into premature ejaculation. Deep slow breathing will keep the mind relaxed and create a feeling togetherness with the partner.

Weight—many men facing the problem of sexual stamina are those who have less control over their weight. Weight always is a hindrance in sexual activity and often leads to loss of stamina.

Kegel PC Muscle Exercises are very helpful in improving sexual relations with the partner. These exercises are for strengthening the pelvic muscles which is helpful in the action of ejaculation. The best way to make this exercise more effective is to pull the pelvic muscles as in the process of controlling urine and release it back to normal position.

Surround the area with red colour Red colour in the form of foods, drinks , clothes, stones , light and red environment play a key role in increasing the sexual stamina in the bedroom. This colour arouses the sexual desire of both men and women.

Foods that increase sexual stamina in men include

Raw oysters are high in zinc that stimulates the hormone testosterone which is found to be the main hormonal for sex arousal.

WatermelonWatermelon is packed withnatural chemical that helps the bodyto increase oxygen flow in the blood

Chocolate Dark chocolate is said to be sexy on its own as it helps torelease the euphoria causing chemicals in the brain

The trusted steps for sex

There are three trusted methods by which you can have long time sex. First, it is important that you take it slow. Sex does not happen all the time so fast and furious. It would be best if you can keep the movements slow. The movements should be steady to allow the stimulation to grow. Rather than being aggressive it is best that you slowly caress your partner and you do sex by holding back and changing the movements. The penetration should be smooth and deep. This will let the sensation grow and make you feel on top of the world. Now, when both the partners are ready for the sex then it is time for you to gain in speed.

  • There is even the variation and it is known as the 7 and the 9 technique. In this case it is best to follow the 7 fast strokes along with the 9 slow strokes. With this the effect is sure to be persistent and long lasting. These are alternative strokes and with the same you can at best sense the magic of sex.
  • It is best that if you can change things fast. When you change the poses the level of energy remains strong and there is less cramping and one can in the way avoid premature ejaculation. For this the best thing to do is to keep on changing the positions. Now, the acts are sure to be more speedy and frequent. Once you feel that the orgasm is approaching you should change to a new position and this is the time one should stop and entertain the partner with some manual or oral pleasure. With this you are sure to have a different sexual experience and the effect of the same is sure to be perfect and long lasting.
  • It is not good to have sex continuously. You should take breaks in the middle. When you feel that you are close to the climax it is time to give a stop and one can utilize this time to enjoy the foreplay, talk about sexy things and try to stimulate the partner. The stimulation should happen orally or manually. Once things have cooled down you can think of second round of intercourse.

More ways to do sex with greater stamina

  • The best way to last more time in bed is to have a free mind while doing sex. At the time of practicing sex you should have no sexual expectations. Such expectations are sure to pressurize you and in the way your sexual performance can get poorly affected.
  • When doing sex it is important that you lubricate well. Through proper lubrication you can be in sex for longer period of time. Lubrication helps the process to be smoother and this is the best way one can practice sex with all pleasures and aspirations.
  • To be in bed for the longest time period it is best that you start with the sort of foreplay. There is no need that you go straight within the action of intercourse. You can begin with the action of foreplay. This is sure to make your partner crazy in sex. First you should have oral sex and this should be followed by series of kisses. When you start things slowly you are sure to have a long lasting end.
  • If you want to have the best of sex then it is required that you practice the art frequently. This is sure to make you a sexual expert and at the same time there is sure to be an increased stamina and you would face no problem to be on bed for a longer time period.
  • You know the art of masturbation. This is something to let you feel the pleasure of sex even before you start with the same. Try masturbation and this will make you feel the essence of sex.
  • To have long time pleasure in sex it is best that you activate your pelvis muscles. This muscle is highly required at the time of doing sex. So, it is important that you make strong the pelvis muscle so that there is more of sexual endurance and in the way you can be on bed for most of the time and try sex in different postures.
  • If you want to have long time sex you can try the squats. In fact, to boost the performance on the bed it is best that you practice the squats with the weights. This is sure to boost your performance on the bed. In case you are trying body weight squat and need not take help of any instrument. You can try things on your own to have an enhanced stamina in sex. If you want to have heights in stamina then it is best that you try the full squats or the single leg squats.
  • Bench press is one more work out you can practice to have longer stamina in sex. For this you have to lie down on the flat bench and in this case your back should be completely flat and there should be no arching. Now, you can hold the barbells hard and stretch your hands to the shoulder width. The press should be done in an inclined position. This is sure to work for the upper chest area. However, in case you are practicing the decline then the emphasis is sure to work for the lower chest. In the way, the effect is sure to be great.