Criminal Justice Program online


The popularity of the online learning is rapidly increasing. The top ranking universities are now offering online degree courses in the various fields on a diverse range of subjects. One such interesting subject is criminal justice. The demand for criminal justice program is increasing. More and more people are now looking forward to make good career in criminal justice. With online options of criminal justice program, it has opened new and good career opportunities to be explored in the fields of criminal investigations, corrections, etc.

Various renowned colleges and universities are now spreading their wings on the virtual world of the internet. It is now easier to get education through online programs and can secure bachelor’s degree or master’s in the criminal justice field.

The need for law professionals and law enforcement workers is growing day by day. It has opened new career opportunities in the crime investigation, forensic science, management and administration. The online degree programs available at different universities and colleges help you to pursue your goal and education without making adjustment in the routine work and busy schedule.

Kaplan University offers the online criminal justice degree programs. Those who are interested in this degree can learn the course online from the comfort of the home or office at the most convenient time possible. The Kaplan University has designed several bachelors’ and master’s program in the field of criminal justice and law enforcement. These are the degree programs perfect to make good career in the criminal justice, crime investigation, private security, etc.


Criminal Justice Program

Whether you are looking to enter the field of criminal justice or wants to take advance courses, Kaplan University’s criminal justice program is perfect. The program is designed to help you achieve your goal. The bachelor’s, master’s and associate’s degree and certificate programs offer the comprehensive training in crime justice. The program helps you prepare best for your career in law enforcement, private security and corrections. Some of the programs offers you an opportunity to have hands-on experience working on real cases.

Bachelor’s Degree program offers two distinct courses. Such as:

  • Bachelor’s Of Science In Corrections

The Bachelor’s of Science in Correction Curriculum program focuses on the study that ranges form foundational classes on math, composition and sociology to the legal aspects of corrections, leadership within corrections, offender treatment and rehabilitation. The course study also focuses on the operational and technological aspects of corrections.

  • Bachelor’s Of Science In Criminal Justice

The program focuses on providing a broad liberal arts education. The program also combines professional skills training that can help in developing a solid foundation of criminal justice knowledge. The program is designed to help the student gain understanding of the philosophy and development of the US criminal justice system, its institutions, agencies, the issues and challenges they face, examines the development of the criminal law, different elements of criminal offenses, principals of criminal culpability, etc.

The degree courses are available online and duration is 4 years or less per course.

The Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Program offers three different courses that can be taken as per the interests and tests.

  • Masters Of Public Administration

The course is designed to teach the student on how to evaluate, manage and implement policy and spans diverse topics such as management, administration, ethics, leadership, strategies planning, budgeting the administration of the public funds, applied research, etc. The program is designed to offer the flexibility to pursue a general Master of Public Administration. The program also focuses on an intensive study area in the health care management, disaster emergency management, governmental management, criminal justice, etc. This is a full time course of 2 to 2.5 years and can be taken online from the comfort of your home or office.

  • Master Of Science In Criminal Justice

Those who possess a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from regionally or nationally accredited colleges can take advanced degree to further the career in Criminal Justice. The program designed by Kaplan University provides flexible and convenient opportunities to achieve your goal of master’s degree in criminal justice. It helps in developing a broad foundation in criminal justice, enhances the knowledge in the concentration that best fits the career and educational goal. The program is available online and is of 12 to 18 months for those who already possess bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. You can even take the program on part time basis for the duration of 24 months to 33 months.

  • Master of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

The program focuses on the legal, social, business, economic and political aspect of the crime industry. Here the student explores how societal institutions, government agencies, businesses and other organizations find sustainable security and emergency management solutions on a local, regional, national and global level. The program is provided for online learning and can be completed in 112 to 18 months if taken as a full time or 24 to 33 months, if taken online on part time basis.

The Associate’s Degree Programs include two different courses those are related to criminal justice and public safety.

  • Associate Of Applied Science In Criminal Justice And Criminology

The course is designed to help in developing the broad liberal arts knowledge base and the skills sought by employers in the criminal justice industry. The course includes the overview of the philosophy and development of the US criminal justice system, the agencies, the institutions, the issues and the challenges they face. The course also focuses on the criminal investigation, domestic and international terrorism, methods of countering terrorism, criminology, criminal law, etc. The course is available online as well as campus and requires 1 to 2 years for completion and is available for full-time.

  • Associate Of Applied Science In Public Safety And Security

The course helps to pursue a career in public safety and security fields. The course includes introduction to criminal justice, public safety and technology required to prevent and to minimize the criminal risk. Along with these it also helps in developing a fundamental knowledge of public safety and security. The course is available for full time online learning for 1 year to 2 years of duration.

The Kaplan University also offers certificates in different fields. Such as:

  • Correction Certificate: For those who want to pursue entry-level position in a corrections facility or to advance the current corrections career, this certificate program is ideal as it offers necessary skills and credentials t excel in the field.
  • Crime Scene Technician Certificate: This online program helps in acquiring practical skills necessary to shape career in crime scene investigation.
  • Management And Supervision Certificate In Criminal Justice: The program is designed to teach identifying and understanding the management theories and functions central to criminal justice organizations. It also includes analyzing the role of supervisors and managers in criminal justice. The course also focuses on the leadership development and management practices.
  • Private Security Services: The course curriculum is designed to help developing the fundamental skills those are necessary for preventing and investigating various types of crime.

With a degree in criminal justice, there are many career opportunities open that you can pursue depending on your taste and preferences. For those who love to work in law and crime field, the above listed accredited online degree programs are best to turn your passion into a bright career. The master’s and bachelor’s degree online programs available with Kaplan University are comprehensive with educators that are the professionals in their field and hands-on experience to grand you the most up to date education possible.