Donating a car to the charity is truly a best idea of making best use of your old car. By donating your car to the helpless and needy people or the underprivileged kids, you add your contribution for the society especially for the children. Secondly, you earn benefit of tax deductions and this way you can save some amount for the tax to be payable to the government. And lastly, it is the most ideal way of emptying the place for the new car.

If you are amongst the people who are reach and living a luxury life, then you can do well for the helpless people. Instead of selling your used car for some money to other person, you can just handover the same to the educational institutes or the orphanage. This way you can do a great job of helping those who require your attention and support. This way you can do a great social work and can be a part of humanity.

Most of the time the charity that uses a car donated to them is primarily used for transporting the goods. Or they may sell your vehicle and use the money for charity purpose. The funds raised by selling donated car are then used for needy people. There are charity services those use donated car for children. Such donated cars are either used for the welfare of the children or for taking them to school. Or they may sell the donated vehicle and the funds raised by selling the vehicle is used for the benefit of the needy and poor children.

Serve the humanity by donating cars to charity! Donate your vehicle and help the children those are poor and with special needs! With this charity, it will help the poor children to life a fuller life with normal living style. The funds raised by selling your donated car can assist them in proper manner. May be the funds are used for paying the school fees, uniforms, books, notebooks and even for their lively hood. Just by donating your old car to kid’s charity you can give them happiness that they love to have and do.

Donating a car to support kids can make a difference in the lives of the disadvantaged or underprivileged children in the local communities. The car donated by you supports the charities those are in the field of helping the needy children. The funds raised by selling the car donated by you will be supporting the ongoing efforts to make the children to have the chance to enjoy the most precious and innocent time of their lives. They can enjoy their childhood.

The cars donated by the people like you are committed to support the children’s hospitals, educational programs, mentoring as well as funding various outreach initiatives that meet the needs of the children in your local communities.

Donate cars for kids! By donating a vehicle for kids, definityly the children of today will be able to enjoy tomorrow. They too can enjoy the most precious moments of their childhood like the other children those have parents and have good family background. The orphanage can make some good use of the funds raised by such vehicle donations.

Donating a car for kids is really very easy. Just within 3 steps you can donate your car and can feel proud to be a responsible citizen. Here are three easy steps where you can donate your car easily, quickly and for the benefit of the poor, needy and special children.

Fill Out The Simple Form

For this you need not go to any charity office personally. You can fill up the vehicle donation form online. It is very easy and quick. Be sure you are donating to the authorized charities only. So open the websites of authorised charities for filling up the form.

Schedule Your Vehicle Pickup

Next to filling of the form online, you will receive a call from charity. They provide free towing of your vehicle as per your convenience. They pick up your car as per the time convenient to you with prior appointment. The pickup service is available 24 hours a day and they can manage free towing of the car to be donated anytime and from anywhere.

Receive A Tax Deduction

The value of the donated car is 100% tax deductible. The registered charities issue an IRS tax deduction donation receipt after receiving your vehicle. The value of the vehicle is calculated after taking into account several factors and accordingly the tax deduction donation receipt is provided as per the norms set by IRS. As per the IRS, donating a car is fully tax deductible. While you donate your car it is necessary to provide the title for your car and a lien license for the vehicle if there was ever a lien on the car.

The car donated by you is sold at the highest possible value and the funds generated from the transaction are used to help those are too young to help themselves. This is how you can save your tax and at the same time can do a charity for poor and needy children.

The old car of yours may not be valued for you. But your unwanted vehicle still has a lot of value. By donating the same you can use it to help the disadvantaged and underprivileged children in our community. So, think different and make proper use of your old, used cars. Donate cars to help the kids today!

It is not that, you can donate only a car. You can also donate a boat, motorcycle, RV or the property. All types of vehicles are accepted by the charity. Whether the vehicle is running or in non-running condition, you can donate it to registered charity services so that they can take your car and can make better use of it for kids.

Donating a car is really very easy. It doesn’t take much time or no need to visit the charity services. Simply fill the easy form, allow towing of your vehicle as per your schedule and get IRS tax receipt for your donated car. It is very easy and beneficial to you too! You can save your tax for the value of the donated car.

What can be a better way of using old car than this! Donate your car for kids and make them enjoy the precious childhood freely and happily!