Easy Ways To Make Extra Money


If you have spare time, it is possible to make some good money. Anyone would like to make money fast and that too the easy way. Thanks to the internet, a lot of people make good money on the web.

Recycling Of Mobile Phones

If any mobile phone is lying around unused, you can try recycling it. On the comparison tool online, there are a number of companies listed for mobile recycling. Simply use the tool for mobile comparison, get rid of the old mobile, help the environment and earn some good money as well.

Conduct Surveys Online

Spare time can be best used to make money. Online surveys can be filled up by students, housewives, seniors, working people or just about anyone. New members are recruited regularly by research companies for answering surveys and also for testing new products. To fill up the form, just a few minutes are needed. Money can also be earned for playing online games, watching videos online, surfing the web besides doing online surveys.

Selling notes

Sharing of notes is an excellent way of gathering a little more money. Certain sites exist on which typed and hand written notes can be uploaded. Besides this price charged for the notes can also be uploaded. You will get paid when the notes are downloaded by another student. Notes can be downloaded on reliable free sites online. As these sites handle the marketing aspect and promote your notes, some profit will have to be shared with them.



Freelancing is one of the 10 easiest ways to make extra money. If your writing skills are excellent then with a bit of graphic designing work, managing pages on Facebook, online writing etc. a good amount can be earned each month. With just an internet connection you can have clients all across the world.

Product Promotion Online

All kinds of services, products and companies can be promoted online. Money can come in immediately if you have a website or blog. Having good presence on the social media is important for affiliate marketing or product promotion online.

Take Up A Part Time Job

Most students opt for a part time job. It is not only the first choice for earning an income but also helps in supplementing the loan taken for completing their education. Searching through job sites, online job search for students is a great way to find a job depending upon where you are located.

Sell Videos And Stories

If you have any interesting stories and videos in stock then they can be sold to publishers of magazines, papers and even online. No matter what the topic is, there is huge demand for almost every topic you want to share.

Selling And Buying Domains

A domain name is nothing but an address for your site which also has a lot of extensions. Registering for a domain doesn’t cost too much. If a premium domain is made then it can fetch good money when it is listed on a site for selling. With a little bit of searching quick profits can be made by selling and purchasing domain names.

Setting Up Your Very Own Website

Setting up your very own website is one of the 10 easiest ways to make extra money. These days, many people are earning in billions by setting up their own site. Many students have been successful starting their own site, purchase domain names with commercial value and even sell it later. Over a period of time your site would grow into a successful and full time enterprise.

Car Parking Space Renting

Space available for car parking can be advertised and rented out to earn extra money. If you are not using the car space for parking, it can be rented out. Some accommodation for students comes with a garage or drive. Daily parking costs may end up going through the roof. Plenty of people are always on the lookout for cheap parking.