He Feeds The Homeless Each And Every Day


Narayanan Krishnan is a chef by profession but has dedicated his life to feed the homeless. This 29 year old gets up early morning, cooks simple healthy meals and with the help of his team, loads it onto the van. He travels a distance of around 200 km every day to Madurai in Tamil Nadu to feed destitute people without a home. Not only does he feed them often with his very own hands but also gives them a haircut for free.

He was offered a high profile posting in Switzerland at a five star hotel, but when he came across an old homeless man eating his own human waste due to hunger at Madurai, he changed his decision and life. Abandoning plans for a brighter career, he decided to care for the hungry and homeless. Akshaya Trust is his NGO from where he provides hot meals to approximately 1.2 million homeless.

Narayanan Krishnan also has plans to provide them shelter as well. Despite being a trained chef by profession and an award winning chef, selected amongst the top 10 in the CNN heroes, he has decided to change his life completely. Just one stark sight of the hungry homeless man was enough to do this.