Game Review


Pokémon Go is a reality mobile game which is location based and is free. This was released for the Android and the iOS devices in some countries in July 2016. This game allows the player to capture, train and battle virtual creatures, name Pokémon, which come on the device screen. This game requires the use of the GPS and the camera on your device. This game allows you to find and catch a number of species of Pokémon Go while exploring the surroundings. This game tends to catch the attention and interest of the player as the setting in this game is the real world. You need to get out and find Pokémon Go in the locations close to where you live. The Smartphone vibrates when you are close to a Pokémon Go. Once you have encountered one, you need to take aim from your phone and throw a ball to be able to catch it. You have Poke stops located in common places like markets, historical markers, public art installations where you can collect Poke balls and other required items.

Customizing the Trainer

Once you have established a game account, you can customize your trainer by selecting the color of the hair, eyes, outfit and style. This customized trainer appears as you move on the map. Besides which, the other players can see this trainer while visiting a Gym controlled by you. The Gyms are supposedly battle locations for matches. The location of these are at the places are those which can be termed as ‘interesting’.

Playing the Game


The avatar or the trainer moves along the map when the player is on the move. Different species of the Pokémon reside in different locations, like the Pokémon which is water-type will be found near water. This game can help you gain levels with the higher levels being able to help you catch Pokémon Go which are more powerful. In these levels you have access to items which are more powerful, like the Great balls, which can help you in better shots to catch the Pokémon Go.

Adding Pokémon Go to the Pokedex

In case of catching the same Pokémon Go you have the chance of one of them being evolved. You may also find Pokémon eggs at the Poke stops which tend to hatch after walking a certain distance. This might help you find a Pokémon which you have not seen before.

Battle with the Pokémon Go

After a specific time of playing the game, you are able to join a team and you can assign one of the Pokémon you have caught to open the locations of the Gym. For each player there is only one Gym that can be opened. You need to be able to work with the other team members to have a strong defense. If a team from the rival side has claimed a Gym you are able to challenge by making use of the Pokémon you have caught to battle.

Review of the Pokémon Go

Socializing and going for a walk is more fun when you are playing this game. This game, in other words, has managed to get people from all walks of life flock to specific areas and mingle. Though this game tends to use a lot of battery it works ideally for getting friends together. You might find the game crashing or the servers being down, but this can happen with any app or game. This game has brought about a group experience where you have a number of people exploring and socializing. You can say, this game is approachable and can be played by people of any age and from any walk of life. You can term this game as an experience which cannot be missed out. Valuable items in the game like the Lure modules and the incense are given whenever you rise to a higher level. That is, you are not required to pay for every wanted item. Once you have installed the Pokémon at the Gym you are awarded coins, which is not having to spend the real-time currency to go ahead with the game. This game is not ideal for those living in isolated places as it revolves around social interactions. Another advantage to this game is getting you out of the house and can cause an over-all good feeling.