Dec 10, 2023

Most of us look for destinations where we can connect directly with nature especially during our holidays. Cities, with all its pollution and crowds, are no longer favored. The softness and the harshness of nature are more tempting and adventurous. These destinations five you a feel of ‘being alive’ and you treasure your existence. There are multiple places where you can think of going and connecting to nature. One of these is the Yellow Stone National Park, which is in the United States. This offers you the grandness of nature with the canyons, lakes, rivers and mountain ranges. This is also the first National Park.

Some destinations for Nature Lovers

You can opt for the Denali National Park where you can hike with the reindeers. This is in Alaska and gives you a total feel of the oneness with nature. You also have the choice of swimming in the Crystal River of Florida along with the manatee, which is considered as an endangered species. If you love horses, you can think of visiting the beaches of the outer banks of North Carolina where you can watch the wild horses galloping like never before. There are multiple places which you can visit to stay in touch with nature.

Yellow Stone National Park


This Yellow Stone National Park covers states like Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. In other words, this is huge. This offers you almost 900 miles of trails for hiking. You only need to make sure you inform someone f your plans, that is, the destination, the route you will take and the estimated time of return as the weather changes frequently besides you also find an unpredictable wildlife. The natural formations might be a little on the dangerous side.

Viewing the Wildlife:

Within the park itself you have a number of species of birds and mammals, like, bobcats, moose, American bison and also elk. Viewing these rare species is a treat for all the wildlife lovers.


Boating, which is non-motorized, is permitted on most lakes in Yellow Stone National Park, with the exception of Yellowstone Lake and Lewis Lake where private boating is permissible. If you opt for boating here you need to make sure you have a floatation device which has been approved by the Coast Guard and also the required permissions for your vessel.

Besides the above mentioned activities you also have the options of bicycling, camping, cross country snowshoeing and skiing, fishing, Llama packing and horseback riding, snowmobiles and snow coaches, ranger activities and a lot more.  You are offered a complete package where nature is concerned. This, you can say, is one great way to stay connected to the environment.