BSF Jawan posts heart wrenching video of deplorable conditions, pleads PM Modi to intervene


New Delhi [India]: Indian soldiers have time and again been used as a weapon in political battles, despite the weary conditions of jawans protecting the nation from unimaginable conditions taking a back seat, but a Border Security Force (BSF) jawan’s recent video seeking help from the Centre as he is struggling to survive thanks to bureaucracy and corruption, has struck a nerve with many.

In a video gone viral, BSF jawan Tej Badur Yadav of the 29 battalion Seema Suraksha Bal is seen exposing the rot in the system by revealing the deeply ingrained corruption in the higher order, saying that the troops there are not even getting basic three square meals.

Speaking from an undisclosed location, Yadav can be seen saying that the soldiers stand for 11 straight hours every day regardless the weather or temperature, but they are treated in the worst possible way imaginable.

“Neither the media, nor any minister ties to take a note on how are we going through this (harsh weather). Our conditions are still worst. (humare halat wahi darbartar hain). After this, I will send three videos that will show how our officials are mistreating us. We do not want to blame any government, because they give everything we need, but our senior officials sell everything (for their own profit),” the jawans can be seen saying.


The video then shows shots of dried up chappatis and runny daal, where Yadav’s voice can be heard saying that there are even times when the soldiers have to go to sleep on an empty stomach.

“I will show you that we get only one paratha in the breakfast that too without any curry, or pickle. We get it (stuffed chapatti) only with a cup of tea. In afternoon, I’ll show you how we get ‘daal’ in afternoon, its only turmeric and salt and nothing else, I will also show you the condition of chapattis,” Yadav said.

Reiterating that he is not blaming the government as food and other amenities are being supplied, Yadav further asserted that their rations are sold in the market, calling for a probe into the situation.

“I request honourable Prime Minister also to look into the matter. Friends, I may not live once I upload this video, as my officials have high approach. Kindly share the video as much as possible so that every media organisation come here and investigate and also witness how soldiers are living,” he said.

The video, which has gone viral across the nation has sent shockwaves, as the jawan’s raw and unflinching revelation of the shocking conditions has shaken many.

Meanwhile, the BSF was quick to respond with a statement saying that a senior officer has already reached the location from where Yadav send the video.

“BSF is highly sensitive to the welfare of tps. Individual aberrations,if any, are enquired into. A senior officer has already rchd the location,” the BSF said in a tweet.

Earlier today, expressing outrage over the continuous terrorist attacks on the army base camps with the latest taking place in Jammu and Kashmir’s Akhnoor area leaving three civilians dead, the Shiv Sena on Monday tore into Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar for focusing his attention towards Goa assembly elections instead of monitoring the current situation in the Valley.

“At a time when our army base camp is being attacked by terrorists, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is sitting in his office at Goa, busy distributing party tickets. He may have started his political career in Goa, but he is a Union Minister. It is unfortunate to see that our army base camp is being attacked and he is busy in Goa’s politics. Prime Minister Modi should intervene in this matter,” Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut told ANI. (ANI)