Impress A Girl Very Easily


Dating tips are available easily. But if you are meeting with a girl for the first time and want to impress her in the first look, then here are some important tips for you.

Behave Naturally With Confidence

First of all, you need to be very natural in behaviour and with cent percent confidence on yourself. Impressing a lady with false projection or showing what you are not is perhaps a biggest mistake you could commit. Better to be loyal and true in your first meet. Do behave the way you actually behave and be true in your feelings, opinion and views. At the same time, you need to carry self-confidence with you. This will help you to talk freely with her and this way you can leave positive impression of yourself. No doubt you need a heavy dose of confidence to impress a girl positively.

Be A Soft Spoken Person


Never try to be loud to scream the attention of the girl. If you want to magnetize the attention of the girl, try to have best approach. While talking on a phone, be a soft spoken. While talking with other person, be kind hearted. Never speak loud or harsh even though you are proving your side.

Speak With Your Eyes

Eyes never lie. Eyes are best to engage a girl towards what you are speaking. This is more efficient and easy way to impress a girl. Use your eyes like a tool to impress her.

What You Wear Really Makes A Difference

Wearing something out of the fashion or dressing in odd way may leave negative impression. Wear simple and impressive dress. If you are meeting with her in a park, then a lovely t-shirt and jeans can be a perfect style. If it is a festive day, you can dress up with traditional outfit to impress her. Or can have formal attire to impress her positively. So, try to focus on simple attire. Wearing a tight jeans or designer shirt may leave a bad impression about you. So be very much organized and simpler in your attire.

Along with the attire, the accessories you carry are of great importance. The smart phone, the wallet, the belt, the bracelet, the specs, the shoes, the watch and other accessories are the part of your personality. And be very careful while selecting them. Select them very thoughtfully.

Your Posture

Along with what you wear and the accessories you carry, your posture do really matter. Stand straight and sit erect while you talk with a girl. Bad posture showcases the reduced self-confidence. So be very focused on how you sit or stand or walk.

Be Tidy

While you are meeting her for the first time, be fresh and be tidy. You should know the sense of wearing the dress. You should know the right accessories that go with the attire you are wearing. Avoid wearing sport shoes on traditional attire and so on. Be tidy in your look. Properly combed hair, trim bread or shave are all very important and surely leave impression on the girl either good or bad. Be careful in your attire, accessories and the freshness of your face.

Be passionate While Talking

Passionate and self-opinionated usually impress the women. So, whenever you get chance to talk, try to keep conversation about your opinion. You can share your hobbies, likes or the things you have passion for. And can ask for her hobbies and her interests. Don’t try to complaint about the third person. Be positive in talking and positive in approach. Again just don’t start with what you like and what are your interests. Start with something nice and interesting topic. While you talk, you must have confidence on what you say.

Approaching a girl is one of the most difficult things for the guys. And for this it is very important to practice some good things. It is vital to improve yourself with positive views, positive approach, good thinking, good behaviour, politeness, soft spoken, tidiness, sense of wearing the clothes and most importantly your confidence.

You need to develop courage for approaching girls. Just approaching a girl without courage can ruin the chance of impressing her. So, be with full of confidence and full of courage while you meet her first time.

Leave a positive impression on her and for this you need to take efforts. You need to have a complete makeover of yourself, if you have experienced rejections earlier for several times from different girls. At the same time, the location you select should be impressing. You can ask her to meet you in the restaurant, a book store, a garden, etc. where you can have quality background for meeting. Never select a lonely place for meeting with her as it may leave a wrong impression about you.

Impressing a girl positively is not at all hard. Just you need to exercise some important things and needs to change the way you used earlier trying to impress the girls. Be very much sure that you are going to get a single chance to impress her. The first impression is always a last impression. So be very much prepared for your first impression. Practice hard; go through various tips available online, talk with your friends. Definitely, you will become successful in impressing the girl and can make her your life-partner.