Avoid These Common Sexual Mistakes


What are best sexual positions that will prevent monotony from infecting my monogamy?’

Men would have kept away from the laboratory of body contortions, if they hadn’t developed the phobia that women would get bored and ultimately lose interest in sex. With the much maligned missionary becoming old and dull, a number of other radical positions are gaining favor. However, if you ask men, sex isn’t so much about the position, but your attitude. As long as you are able to avoid the attitudinal mistakes mentioned below, you’ll do just fine:

Foreplay Faux Pas I: Imitating Porn

Inexperienced guys have often been guilty of taking notes while watching porn. Remember guys, most positions used in porn movies are executed for the sole purpose of ‘entertainment. Don’t you dare think that your wife or girlfriend will get the best ride of her life if you make her go upside down. Such moves do nothing to maximize the pleasure of the participants, so save the acrobatics for the actors.

Any position that puts an added stress on any part of the body (both hers and yours) is a bad idea. The worst of them is the one in which she places her ankles on your shoulders. With this position, the pelvic region is arched far back and the woman is sure to feel pain in her cervix if you push too far. Additionally this position creates a different type of pressure. If you go behind the scenes of an XXX movie, you will see how the mood gets killed every time the woman has to excuse herself in the between the scene to use the rest room.


Foreplay Faux Pas II: Worrying About Your weight

Sex for a woman is a way to get really close to her man, so don’t think she’ll mind if you lean too heavily on her. The next time you’re making love to your woman, get more of your weight on her. The feeling of her man’s body pressed hard against her is quite a turn on for most women.

Of course, if you are too heavy for your woman, she might feel squashed if you treat her like a reclining armchair. However the bottom line is that a woman actually enjoys (at least) some of man’s weight on her remains unchanged.

Foreplay Faux Pas III: Being a Wimp

The last thing you should look for is excuses or lame situations to direct your woman to the bedroom. Too many guys think that women have to be asked for their permission for every little move they make in bed and play safe. Take the lead, she’ll love it a lot more if you act the alpha and are more aggressive in bed. You can be both dominating and caring at the same time. Stop worrying about straying. Believe me if there’s something she doesn’t like, she’ll let you know.

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