Some people wonder how Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama didn’t become a bigger deal then it was. Well when you have a face and figure like Melania its easy to make people forget. I think it’s safe to say if Trump is elected Melania will go down as one of the hottest first ladies ever. Don’t believe us? Check out these photos and let us know what you think after.

If this is how Melania relaxes at home the Trump is a lucky man. Sitting here in a chair fit for a queen. The yellow dress really compliments her tanned skin and golden hair. This woman knows how to accessorize with matching champagne gold high heels and bracelets.[nextpage]

Getting ready for some women can be a really stressful time. Not for Melania, she loves being able to pick from thousands of selection in her closet. Her jewelry box cost more than people’s entire closet. Melania might be able to save us from wars from just her looks alone. [nextpage]

Another seat made for a queen. In this light blue dress Melania can show off her darker hair. The contrast of the two really play well together. That along with Melania’s great shape and form make you want to stare at this picture. However, rest assure there is some brains along with that beauty. [nextpage]

Melania looks gorgeous in this fuchsia spaghetti strap dress. It makes her blue eyes pop. She has a great smile, great hair, and great jewelry. Top it all off with nice boobs. [nextpage]

Melania out on a photo shoot on a boat. However, Melania no longer need to be on foreign boats seeing how Trump has his very own yacht. The yacht is named the Trump Princess. There is no doubt this was before his marriage to Melania or it would be named Princess Melania.[nextpage]

What a view of New York City. With Melania in the picture it is easy to become distracted and not even notice New York in the back. Born in Slovenia, Melania is a long way from home. But judging from her view of the city I don’t think she minds. [nextpage]

Donald and Melania having dinner together. Melania doesn’t look to happy to be sitting next to her husband. Or maybe Melania is just trying to make a sexy face for the picture. If that’s the case mission accomplished. [nextpage]

A more down to earth picture of Melania. With almost no make up on she is still a beauty to behold. Must be nice to look this good in a simple white dress. Makes it easier to look good in the morning I’ll tell you that much. [nextpage]

Here Melania is with her collection of designer watches. Although this looks like a business office there is not a computer in sight. Looks more like an office of accessories where Melania can lay and play all day. She is already looking like a first lady in this picture. [nextpage]

With a look like this its a wonder how Fox didn’t call Melania to play Jean Grey in the X-Men films. Not only would that have gotten some attention but Melania has the right look for the job, Women in comics are made to look both sexy and strong and Melania fits both profiles. Donald is one lucky man. [nextpage]

If you vote for my husband, I’ll show you how to tie a bikini. Hey, why didn’t Michelle Obama think of that? Here’s Melania in Hawaii. Her bikini is accessorized with a hibiscus flower.[nextpage]

Well, we guess Trump’s wife doesn’t have a bad angle. That must be how she became Trump’s wife. She looks hot in this red swimsuit. Or any swimsuit. [nextpage]

Melania looks sophisticated in this sleeveless white tailored suit, accessorized with hoop earrings and a bracelet. She pairs the suit with leopard print high heels. Or is that real leopard? Maybe it’s the leopard Donald Jr. caught in Africa.