Jimmy Kimmel strongly criticizes Aaron Rodgers for his remarks about Jeffrey Epstein.

Jimmy Kimmel

During the latest episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday, the late-night host urged NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers to issue an apology for suggesting that Kimmel might be implicated in court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein.

Rodgers made the controversial comments on “The Pat McAfee Show” on ESPN, insinuating that individuals, including Kimmel, were hoping their names wouldn’t be disclosed in the unsealed court documents associated with the Epstein case. Kimmel addressed these allegations in his opening monologue, expressing his disbelief at being linked to Epstein and emphasizing that he has no connection to the case.

Kimmel speculated that Rodgers may have made these statements out of frustration, particularly due to Kimmel’s previous jokes about the football player’s appearance and vaccination status. The late-night host dismissed the notion of being associated with Epstein, highlighting the absurdity of such claims and emphasizing the lack of truth behind them.

In response to Rodgers potentially offering an apology, Kimmel expressed his willingness to accept it and move forward. He highlighted the importance of taking responsibility when mistakes are made, a practice he claimed Rodgers should adopt.


Kimmel also took the opportunity to criticize Rodgers for his controversial stance on COVID-19 vaccinations. The late-night host recalled Rodgers’ previous statement about taking ivermectin instead of getting vaccinated, a position widely debunked by medical experts.

This latest incident adds to the ongoing exchange between Kimmel and Rodgers. In 2023, Kimmel referred to Rodgers as a “whack Packer” for connecting UFO sightings to the Epstein case during an appearance on “The Pat McAfee Show.” Kimmel has consistently responded to Rodgers’ comments, defending himself against baseless accusations and criticizing the quarterback for spreading misinformation.

In a written response to Rodgers’ allegations, Kimmel clarified that he has never met or had any contact with Epstein and warned Rodgers about the consequences of his “reckless words,” claiming they put Kimmel’s family in danger.

The unfolding drama between Kimmel and Rodgers is a mix of celebrity banter and serious accusations. As Kimmel navigates these challenges, he continues to use his platform to address not only personal attacks but also important societal issues, showcasing the multifaceted nature of late-night television.

It remains to be seen how Rodgers will respond to Kimmel’s call for an apology, adding another layer to this intriguing intersection of entertainment, sports, and public discourse.