Money Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas

Money Making Ideas: Everyone needs money, it is no longer as food, clothing and shelter, but above that as lifestyle. It is always beneficial in earning some extra money (of course rightful way). Some people would need money to fulfill the hobbies. Especially working people would use their knowledge after working job hours. Others would like to use free time for income like students, homemakers. Some people would like to use their talents to make cash. To Whichever category you belong,only important qualities required are to be passionate and committed.

Due to internet facility at fingertip,various ways are available. Some of money making ideas


  1. Take Online Paid Surveys: -In such survey, you have to answer quantitative questions. Usually research company’s need demographic (a particular sector of population) information such as personal or economical habit’s. All you need is to register to such company which pop up questions relating to service or product. You get paid through e-wallet for one or more survey depending on the company.
  2. Transcribing :you have to listen various audios and type it in text form, but with the best accuracy . Though online tools for voice to text conversion are available but are not suitable for everyone.Hence the transcription audio service outsources the task that needs to be converted carefully and accurately. You get paid accordingly.
  3. Online Virtual Assistant :One of the way to work from home is Virtual assistant you assist or help an organisation in administrative tasks. If you are organised and have good time management skills you can take up virtual assistance. Some of the responsibility are making phone calls, send emails, scheduling appointments, event planning, bookkeeping etc. participant gets paid either hourly, by tasks , package etc.
  4. Create online courses :Online education is blooming every area of learning.You can create online course for any topic or subject.It may be literally anything you own expertise or passionate on may be from simple art,kitchen work to a professional course. Record the tutor video of the course and upload it.
  5. Write a blog :To be a blogger, first you need to create a blog. Write something that useful and effective content on your blog. The content of your blog should be able to hold your readers in a very interactive way. Also advertises on your blog adds to your income.
  6. Website Tester:For website testing you have to register to a company.It gives instructions about when to test its website. Your task is to test website for its user friendly appealing and functionality. You are paid for testing them in of a honest feedback way. Of course, participant should have some expertise in understanding how website works.
  7. Freelance Programmer: If you have good knowledge of any computer can develop code and sell it as freelancer. Sometimes company outsource a part of code development of a huge project so as to speed up their project completion. You get paid for such programs or any application development.
  8. Open Online high paying saving account :Instead of conventional banking switch to high interest paying banks online.
  9. Sell Online: you can sell either your electronics, handwritten notes, books or even your art and crafts.
  10. Invest In Crowd Funded Real Estate : you can invest in any crowdfunding site. Here someone else is able to buy their dream house and you will receive the interest payment.