10 ways to lose weight

10 ways to lose weight

10 ways to lose weight

There are many ways to loosen the weight fast but most of them are so boring and we are fed-up of following the diet plan or do heavy exercise and give up. Here we are giving 10 very simple ways to reduce the weight, that we can easily do in our daily lifestyle. For that you don’t need to eat tasteless food and even don’t need to rush at gym.

  1. Lemon juice with warm water in morning- Drinking water itself as a first thing in the morning after waking up can flush the digestive system, if we add lemon juice in it benefits are doubled. With this drink we can lose weight as well as boost immune system and get healthy skin.
  2. Have meals in descending order – Here we need to follow one simple supreme mantra “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a soldier and dinner like a beggar”. We all know this mantra but most of us do exactly opposite of this and we get opposite result also.One more thing we need to remember that always try to finish your food 2-3 hour prior to bed and have small walk after dinner.
  3. Eat anything that is made at home- if you cook at home you have control how much sugar and salt to add, which oil to choose and exactly what to put in your body. If we think about 2-3 decades back the necessity to eat outside was less and number of hotels or restaurants were also less. As the number of hotels increased in the same speed obesity also increased. As restaurants food is prepared to earn the profit so the quality of things they use is cheap, oil they use is also not as good as at home and about the freshness of food is really a question mark. Even sometime if you don’t have time make simple ‘khichadi’ to eat but avoid the outside food.
  4. Drink water 30 minute to 1 hour post consuming meal– According to our Ayurveda book ‘Ashtanga hrudayam’ digestive fire is working up to 1 hour after eating meal. If we drink water immediately the water arrests the fire which is ignited, and food is not digested. Due to lack of digestion bad cholesterol increases in the body and fattiness too.
  5. Eat at least one plate salad and one seasonal fruit daily – Salad is a natural source of fiber and consuming enough fiber reduce the bad cholesterol and give many other benefits too. Environment is very much suitable to the seasonal fruit, so the use of pesticide is less. Also, if it rips naturally so the taste is amazing and juicy. As the seasonal fruit is available in abundance the prize is also down.
  6. Drink plenty of water- yes drinking more water is useful for weight loss. Drinking more water cleans your body wastes and boosts your metabolism. As water is calorie free we avail more benefits by replacing the sugary beverage by water.
  7. Walk for 30-45 minutes a day- All the health and diet experts recommend a walk as a calorie burning cardio exercise. If you walk for 30 minutes daily it burns about 150 calories. More you walk more calories you burn.
  8. Avoid lift- Take steps to go up and down whenever and wherever it is possible. This is the

Simple habit which must be inculcated for our healthy body.

  1. Join your favourite sport or dance class-I will suggest instead of joining gym go to your favourite sport or dance. As going to gym daily is boring and motivation to stay fit can start fading away. On the controversy playing any sport or do dance is the fun and reduce our stress and fats too.
  2. Don’t overthink about weight- yes last but not the least whatever you do for weight loss

believe in that and avoid negative thinking.

So just follow these simple steps and enjoy a healthy life


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