Morning Walking Benefits


Morning Walking Benefits

Walking is a program that everyone does every day for their health, fitness and it is a great exercise program. Individuals walk around the house, walk to get the mail, to the local shop to buy some needed goods, or if you are active you will mow the lawn.

These are some activities that will improve your health:

1) Endurance or aerobic, activities increase your breathing, heart rate, muscle, and joints. Brisk walking or jogging, dancing, swimming, and biking are examples.


2) Strength exercises make your muscles stronger. Lifting light weights 1 to 4 pounds and lifting them 3 to 5 times or using a resistance band that can build up your strength.

3) Balance exercises help prevent falls

4) Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can help you stay limber.

The above list is from The NIH: National Institute on Aging.

Walking will relieve arthritis discomfort as well as it has many more benefits; the above are great programs for individuals who are recovering from many health conditions and need an activity. These are great programs for you to do as an exercise if you are a diabetic

or have any disabling condition and you may need to do a physical activity this is a great program for you.

It is a great way for anyone to get fit. It is an excellent activity or sport for all.

Walking is one of them and is also a good way to control your weight (but remember you can’t overeat) and is a method for you to control your blood pressure too.

Walking gives you many benefits after you have recovered from a health condition and need an activity to keep you healthy.

I have spent my entire life studying and helping subjects in their walking activities.

In my practice, I taught many patients the values of walking and lectured to various walking groups about the benefits of walking. They all loved hearing them and they did walk as an exercise program.

The public is now walking a lot more than they have in the past. We should walk as an exercise even more, but we are improving this goal in our walks.


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