Mar 1, 2024

It was another proud day for Indian Cricket. No, we are not talking about the men in cricket but the women in cricket. Mithali Raj, the Indian skipper was the first woman to score the maximum runs in ODI and it is not a mean achievement as it has crossed the 6000 mark. This was achieved in the innings against Australia in the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 match at Bristol. England cricketer Charlotte Edwards was holding the record with 5992 from 191 matches. It was only a few days before that she scored seven consecutive fifties in ODIs and this was against England. With these wonderful knocks she is the first woman to have scored maximum half-centuries (49) in ODIs.

Mithali Raj started her career at the young age of 16 and has been scoring runs consistently. Her take off in the debut ODI was 114 against Ireland in 1999. Since then she been consistent and she has scored a double century in a test match. Sachin is the “God” in cricket and Mithali is worth a comparison with this God. While Sachin has played 452 innings, Mithali has played 164 innings. Her average is more than Sachin at 51.52. In 164 matches she has been not out in 47 innings while Sachin has 41 to his credit. On all other parameters Sachin is far ahead and the number of matches he played has taken all the statistics to the level it is now. If Mithali plays for some more years, in all probability she might equal Sachin’s records. But what is attainable in the near future is a double century and all her fans are hoping it will happen soon.

34 years old Mithali Raj has a large following and they are her fans for her game and for her strong character. She is not too fond of being compared to her male counter parts. In a press conference before the ICC Women’s World Cup this year she was asked to name her favourite male cricketer. “Do you ask the same question to a male cricketer?” she had replied. She was seen reading a book as she waiting to go out to the middle to bat against England. Mithali Raj is indeed a great inspiration and an epitome of grit and perseverance which will inspire many aspiring young cricketers.