Prevent Kidney Stones With Easy Ways


Kidney stones occur when salts in the urine form a solid crystal. Ten people in every hundred face such kidney stones at least once in their life. Such solid crystals formed from the salts blocks the flow of urine and this causes infection, kidney damage or even kidney failure. The kidney stones vary in size. If they are too small, medication is prescribed but for big sized kidney stones needs to be removed through surgery.

Well, the person suffering from kidney stone experiences severe pains and needs immediate medical attention. Very strong pain-relieving medication is needed and that too very urgently. It is not that, once the kidney stone or stones are removed either through medication or surgery, they will never get formed again. Actually, there are chances that once it gets started the second stone within next five years and in some people it may arrive each year.

There are different types of kidney stones. Some stones get formed from calcium and are the most commonly found kidney stones. The stones those contain magnesium and waste product ammonia are Sturvite stones and are causes after urine infections. Some stones are formed though too much acid in the urine and are called uric acid stones. The cysteine stones are very rare but hereditary in nature.

Most kidney stones can be treated without surgery. But in such cases, treatments are necessary for getting relief from pain. The big sized stones those don’t pass out and blocks the urine flow needs to be removed through surgery.


Well, prevention is always better. Here are some simple tips you can follow so that you can prevent kidney stone at a very early stage.

Do Not Underestimate Your Sweat

Exercises are good for health but there may lead to kidney stones. Loss of the water through sweating either through exercises, activities or heat of summer leads to less urine production. The more you sweat, the less you urinate and this may lead to stone-causing minerals to get settle and bond the kidneys and urinary tract.

The best way is to hydrate your body. Drink plenty of water so that you can urinate a lot. You can avoid kidney stones by drinking plenty of filtered water.

Proper Diet Along With Oxalate-Rich Foods

Oxalate is naturally found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, grains, seeds, tea and chocolate. Peanuts, spinach, beets and sweet potatoes contain high levels of oxalate. Those who suffer from calcium oxalate stones should moderate the intake of such oxalate rich food. But it doesn’t mean, you should cut the oxalate rich foods from your diet completely.

Pairing Oxalate-Rich Foods With Calcium

Some people believe that calcium is the main component in the formation of the kidney stones. Actually, the diet with low quantities of calcium increases the risk of developing kidney stones. The fact is, you should cut back on sodium from your diet and pair calcium rich foods with oxalate rich foods.

Be Alert, Stones Can Come Back

Passing a kidney stone is the most painful experience. But, unfortunately, it is not the last experience. There are chances of getting the next one. So, it is recommended that never underestimate the stones. Go for right medication and right diet. The stones can come back and recurring kidney stones may cause severe damage to kidney. So, always be careful once you experience a kidney stone.

All Stones Are Not Equal

The stones are formed differently and thus the treatment they need is always different. There are different types of kidney stones that cause severe damage to kidney stones. So, be very careful while treating with them. Always go for urgent medication and get in touch with the doctor even after the first time they are removed.

Prevent kidney stones by cutting down the high-purine foods such as organ meats, red meat, shellfish, etc. Start with healthy diet containing vegetables, fruits, whole grains and low fat dairy products. Limit the alcohol, sugar-sweetened foods, animal based protein, etc.