Rakhi Sawant Goes A Bit Far This Time, Tells Sunny Leone ‘Mai Leela Ko Gila Kar Dungi’ *Errrr*


Truth be told, we love Rakhi Sawant and her devil-may-care attitude! We love watching her and her interviews in which she’s always at her candid best. But, seems like Rakhi has, perhaps, gone a tad overboard this time while commenting on Sunny Leone in her latest interview! Sunny Leone has always been her target, everyone knows that, but this time she commented about how she wants Sunny Leone to leave ‘her’ country India, and how she should go back and do whatever the heck she wants to like eating lollipop (WTF!). In fact she even stated ‘Mai Leela Ko Geela Kardungi.’ Go figure!

Photo: © YouTube (Main Image)

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