Taking Care Of Health During Pregnancy


Every woman loves to deliver a healthy baby. It doesn’t matter for her about the color of her child. She takes effort to have a healthy baby. And for this it is vital to remain healthy during the pregnancy.

If you are thinking about getting pregnant, or you are already pregnant, here are some basic things you should consider about taking care of yourself as well as your baby. Here are some basic tips that you should follow during your pregnancy. Some tips are for you as well as your husband and the whole family you live with. By following these basics defiantly your baby will be healthy and will be free of any disease or infirmity.

Let us begin with some simple tips that you should consider in your daily life especially when you are pregnant or planning for the same!

Take A Parental Vitamin


Start taking parental vitamins. These vitamin intakes help the proper development of your child. The neural cord of the baby that gets converted into the brain and spinal cord develops within the first month of pregnancy. This is the period when your child needs huge amount of vitamins. So, it is vital for you to get essential nutrients such as calcium, folic acid, iron, etc. from the very beginning.

You can easily get parental vitamins at most drug stores. Even most of the doctors prescribed the vitamins. Vitamins and other nutrient intakes are generally taken at night with a light snack. You can even prefer chewing gum or candy with full of nutrients.


Exercise is always good for your and your child’s health. Well, there some restrictions on the kind of exercise you should do during your pregnancy. Staying active is very important during the pregnancy period to have normal delivery. Regular exercise is always recommended that can help you in controlling your weight, boost your mood, improved blood circulation and helps you to have better sleep. 30 minutes walking or any of such exercise is good for pregnant women. Swimming, yoga, Pilates and walking are recommended activities for most pregnant women. Well, before starting with such exercise, it is recommended to consult your doctor.

Practice Kegels

Kegels is best to strengthen the pelvic floor muscle that supports your bladder, bowls and uterus. Kegels should be done correctly to help you in making your delivery easer and you can prevent the problems later with incontinence. You can practice Kegeles in your car, in the office or absolutely anywhere.

Stop Doing Harmful Everyday Tasks

When you are pregnant it is recommended to stop doing the harmful activities you do regularly such as scrubbing the bathroom, cleaning up after pets, etc. These activities can prove harmful for you as you are pregnant. Lifting heavy objects, exposure to toxic chemicals, bacteria can harm you and your baby. Never forget to wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat. Wear gloves while working in the yard or handling your pets.

Educate Yourself

If it is your first baby, education is must. But even if this is not your first baby, it is recommended to attend a childbirth class. This will help you feel more prepared for delivery. You come to know about taking care of your child and infant care. You become more acquainted with the facility and its staff. It is the best time to brush up on your family’s medical history. And accordingly you can be well prepared for the same. You can talk with your doctor about the family medical problems and even the problems with your past pregnancies. This will definitely help you to take good care of your child growing inside you.

Tracking Of Weight Gain

During pregnancy, you eat more as you eat for two. But packing on too many extra pounds will make it hard for your delivery. Not only this, your baby will be at the risk for a low-weight birth. As per IOM recommendations, based on the woman’s Body Mass Index before becoming pregnant with one baby:

Underweight: Gain 28 to 40 pounds

Normal Weight: Gain 25 to 35 pounds

Overweight: Gain 15 to 25 pounds

Obese: Gain 11 to 20 pounds

It is recommended to check your weight with under the guidance of your doctor to remain fit and fine without overweight or underweight.

Pamper Yourself With Right Spa

Pregnancy is the period when you need to be very healthy at the same time your mind needs to be very fresh. It is a time for pamper yourself. Pamper yourself with Spa till certain limit. Spa is good provided it should be taken properly. Your should make aware the therapist about your pregnancy so as to use safe therapies for you.

Start Using Comfy Shoes With Great Support

It is suggested to wear comfy shoes with good support. This will offer comfort while walking and will avoid the risk of falling down that may result in worst condition of the baby growing inside you.

Foods In Your Daily Diet

Foods should be a part of your regular diet. Bananas and apples are great for you and your baby. Other fruits are rich sources of vitamins and are good for pregnant women.

Keep Eating Folate-Rich Foods

The folate rich foods are loaded with folic acid and are ideal for the proper development of the baby’s neural tube. It plays key role in the creation of new red blood cells. So, add plenty of folate-rich foods in your daily diet. Wheat germs, oranges, fortified cereals asparagus, lentils are rich in folate and ideal for pregnant women.

Fish Are Good For You

The child who were nourished with plenty of fish recipes while inside the mom’s stomach possess higher IQs, good communication skills and better motor skills. Fish are the ultimate sources of omega 3 and best for brain development. Salmon, Pollack, Catfish, Tuna, and Shrimp are good for pregnant women. Avoid eating shark, tilefish, king mackerel and swordfish as they are high in mercury which is not at all good for the mother and a child.

Avoid Roaming In Bright Sun

Rising sun is always good as it offer vitamin D. But avoid going in sun during afternoon as in pregnancy the skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight.

Indulge Yourself

Treat yourself with great moments of your life. Spend time for yourself. Listen to music, go for a walk, and talk with friends! All these will help you to de-stress and feel happy all the time. Indulge yourself and remain happy all the time and that is good for both you and your baby.

Know When To Call The Doctor

If you are pregnant for the first time, it can be confusing for you about when to call a doctor. If you feel any pain of any kind, strong cramps, contraction at 20 minutes intervals, shortness of breath, heart palpitation, trouble in walking, dizziness, fainting, vaginal bleeding, leaking of fluid, constant nausea, constant vomiting or decreased activity by the baby, it’s a correct time to call a doctor.

Being pregnant, you need to take care of yourself as well as your child. Whatever work you decide to do, you must think before whether it will harm your child. The above listed tips will definitely help you. Pregnancy is really a very good phase of life for every woman. Never take stress of your pregnancy. enjoy your pregnancy and let your child come in the world with good health.