Tips On Good Night’s Sleep During Pregnancy

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During pregnancy, it is vital to get un-disturbed sleep. It’s not uncommon to contend with sleep disturbances while you are pregnant. Usually, they are caused due to stress, anxiety, hormonal fluctuations and physical discomfort. It becomes very difficult to find a comfortable position to get relaxed. And most importantly, your sleep gets disturbed for emptying the increasing cramped bladder.

Here are some tips to get more comfortable night’s sleep and to have critical rest your body as well as your mind needs during the most important phase of pregnancy.

Drinking Up The Water

Water is always good for health. Drink plenty of water during day time. But cut down the intake and quantity of water before bedtime so as to reduce the frequent night time urination.


Regular Exercise

Exercise is always good. There are certain exercises you should avoid during pregnancy. Swimming, walking, Yoga is very good for pregnant ladies. It helps improving circulation and reduces night-time leg cramps. But avoid exercising late in the day. Avoid excessive exercise as it may keep you awake at night due to pains.

Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety should be avoided. They won’t help you at all. Talk with friends, go for a walk in the evening, listen to sweet music, meditation, yoga, etc. can help you in releasing tensions, worries, stress and anxiety.

Change The Sleeping Position

After 20 weeks of your pregnancy, sleep on your left side. This helps the blood to flow to the fetus and to your uterus and kidneys. Always avoid sleeping flat on your back.

Nap During The Day

If you experience night time sleep disturbed one, then start taking nap during the day. During pregnancy it is very important to get enough rest at night. A nap during day time helps to reduce the fatigue and keeps you relaxed.

Support Your Body

During pregnancy, the doctors recommend a special pregnancy pillows for support. You can either get special pregnancy pillow or regular pillow to support your body. Try sleeping on one side with one pillow under your knee and the second one under your belly. This will offer maximum support to your body and you can feel relaxed and comfortable.

Good Diet

Along with regular exercise, a quality and balanced diet is of great importance. Firstly cut off spicy, acidic, fried foods from your diet. Eliminate caffeine and alcohol completely so as to prevent insomnia. Eat well-balanced diet which is best for your and your baby’s health. See to it that your diet contain all the necessary nutrients in a balanced proportion. This will help you to sleep more soundly.

Sound sleep is very important during pregnancy. Above listed will definitely help you in getting a sound sleep and can have refreshed mind all the time.