Viral video: Ever read a text while driving? You need to watch this


No post is worth a life. No glance is worth a life. No email is worth a life. No search is worth a life. No text is worth a life.”

Talking or texting on a mobile phone while driving is dangerous, but that doesn’t stop many of us from doing so.

According to a study, texting while drivivng is even more dangerous as trying to do two visual tasks at once hurt performance in both tasks significantly more than combining a visual and an audio task.

This gripping four-minute video follows a cast of mostly separate characters — a man on his way home, a boy on his bike, a woman watering the yard, a mother driving with her daughter in the backseat.


All the characters come together in the climax, when their lives are then irrevocably changed by the devastating consequences of a seemingly innocent glance at a phone while driving.