WATCH: Foreign tourists perform on the streets for money to get over demonetisation woes!


The demonetisation drive has resulted in many people still waiting for the new currency waiting outside ATMs and banks. But a couple of foreigners in the country came up with an innovative way to earn some quick money.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, a group of tourists can be seen performing on the streets while their friends ask the locals for money to fund their tickets to New Delhi. According to a Hindustan Times report, the tourists were from Germany, Australia and France, and performed on the streets of Pushkar in Rajasthan to somehow earn their tickets to Delhi, where they hope to get in touch with their embassies. They were reportedly performing near the famous Brahma temple around a crossing at the Gau Ghat in Pushkar. One of them held placards that read: “Money problem” and “You can help us”.

The tourists indulged in playing musical instruments and even doing acrobats with hoops, and their performances managed to grab a lot of eyeballs.

A German tourist Adlrik reportedly said that they had arrived in the city on November 8 to attend the famous Pushkar fair but it was around the same time that the Indian government declared demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 banknotes. Unfortunately, whatever change that they had in Rs 100 and lower denominations were now exhausted. The fair concluded on November 14, this year.


The video shows many locals watching the foreigners enthralled. A local shopkeeper said how in his 45-year-long stay in this famous tourist destination, it was the first time he had seen foreigners performing to get financial assistance.

It was amazing to see the locals came forward to help them.

This video was posted on YouTube by ABP News. Watch the video here