Jupiter’s Stunning Images Unveiled By NASA


Stunning images of Jupiter have been beamed by the Earth-bound Gemini North telescope of NASA. The Spacecraft Juno has been orbiting Jupiter and providing some of the most stunning and high resolution images of Jupiter. As seen in reflected sunlight, over a huge range of altitudes, haze particles have been shown by the telescope. In the process of exploration of the giant planet, these images are going to of great help for sure.

In Jupiter’s atmosphere ‘a treasure-trove of fascinating events’ are being revealed’ states principal investigator, Glenn Orton, for adaptive optics investigation on Gemini. It is in the US, at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory that the investigation is being done by astronomers at the telescope in Hawaii on Maunakea.

On the planet is a cloud opacity which is being observed by Micheal Wong from the University of California, Berkeley in the US. Besides using adaptive optics a longer wavelength filter is being used on the telescope.

Mr.Michael states that the vertical flows are difficult to measure any other way, in the observations. The vertical flows are illuminating general circulation, climate and weather in the atmosphere of Jupiter, says Mr.Micheal. Mr.Orton states that on witnessing events like, it appears that a lot more has to be learn about the atmosphere on Jupiter.


While exploring the amazing planet, the combination of spacecraft and Earth based observations is a powerful one-two punch, states Mr.Orton.