Rock, the perfect marriage material, completely exudes sincerity & trust, says Piggy Chops

Rock, the perfect marriage material, completely exudes sincerity & trust, says Piggy Chops

The sensation of the Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra, is currently witnessed as an international celebrity and is making a sturdy mark in Hollywood with her superb acting talents and dazzling dressing manner.

In recent times, beautiful actress was a victim to social media trolling, when she met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Berlin and wore a short dress during the meeting.

In a recent conference with Glamour Magazine, when questioned on how imperative it is for the actress to have a voice and narrate things, the 34-year-old stated, “I feel like we live in a globe at the moment where everything gets overstated so much and the majority of us are scared to have a view because everything gets overblown and one and all has a view on the internet. Since when did trolling become global news at the outset? It’s TROLLING FOR A REASON.”

She also mentioned that she does not let trolls change her as she obtains so much love and warmth from the individuals on social media.


“I don’t mind; I get so much love and care from people on my social media. I concentrate on that. And second of all, that’s how you must take care of life. I was raised by my parents to have an opinion, I was raised to be fearless, I was raised to not be a girl who was destined to always be calm and modest. I was told to be the most excellent that I can be and I hope that for each girl-child in the globe,” shared the well known actress.

The Baywatch star also stated that her co-star of the Hollywood film, Dwayne Johnson, would certainly be great marriage material.

She stated, “I certainly think Dwayne Johnson would make grand marriage material as I’ve witnessed him with his loving family and I’ve witnessed him with his children and I am acquainted with the fact that how much of a family man Johnson is. The one thing you require in a life partner is sincerity as well as trust and The Rock completely radiates that.”

While there are rumors on her next film project with Jim Parsons are widespread, the beautiful actress corroborated of being in discussions for three Bollywood projects during the tour to India before the release of her first Hollywood film, Baywatch.