Finger Fun: Awesome Sex at Your Fingertips


Perhaps it was the late night movie and dinner at her favourite restaurant or maybe even your new cologne that actually put her in the mood…

.but whatever it was, it soon became obvious that you were going to get lucky that night. The provocative “Come, get me!” look in her eyes almost made you salivate with lust.

Pretty soon, those soft sensual caresses and kisses that you had been waiting to practice on your girl all night soon escalated to soft yet purposeful grabs and nibbles. As your heart starts thumping hard enough to rupture your rib cage, you say to yourself “Enough already, time to head to third base….”

Finger Fun

Most dudes assume that if they don’t quickly kick things up by a few notches, they will end up getting trapped in second base hell. But while they may have read, seen and heard from sources as varied as good ol’ porno sites and their fatherly convent school brothas (damn the sins of the flesh) that the easiest way of rapidly igniting some serious passion is to pay homage to her vaginal walls, some of them are really uncomfortable using their tongue to do the deed.


So, instead, they take help of the second most flexible tool in their kitty – their fingers – to get things rolling. However, most girls, when asked, shared that they seldom, if ever, get aroused from fingering alone, and at times actually find the experience quite painful.

Xpert solutions to fix this dire problem

If you want to get the job done, and done in a way that she actually finds pleasurable, you would need to evolve beyond the basic “Shocker Jab” technique that your friends in school told you about. You need to understand that incessantly jabbing your girl with your index and middle finger won’t do the trick.

As the vagina is a little curved, if all your strokes resemble the dead straight Sachin Tendulkar drives, you will just be poking her in the same spot. And after ten minutes or so, not only will your girl not be too pleased, but the niggling pain will stop the lubrication – an outcome which is exactly the opposite of what you were striving for.

Quoting one of the many girls who shared their opinions on fingering, “It does feel nice for a while, but when men start thinking of their fingers as an extension of their penis, it’s all downhill from there.”

Use the correct technique

In order to correct this mess, try fingering her using the “come-hither” motion, slowly caressing and stroking her with a steady rhythmical movement. The movement of your fingers should ideally be in curves and circles. If the expression on her face indicates that she’s enjoying herself, try fluttering your fingers a little bit.

Why fingering isn’t the best foreplay technique

One of the main reasons why you avoid fingering as a part of the foreplay routine is because prolonged fingering can cause irritation. So no matter how good you think you are, the fact remains that most girls still find it difficult to get off from fingering. Fingering is, at best, an auxiliary technique to be used while your tongue slides in and out.

Fingering Faux pas

Men can also be pretty clumsy when it comes to their technique of caressing the clitoris. The clitoris shouldn’t be swirled, rubbed or pulled. Instead, it should gently be flicked. A light stroke, similar to the sliding of your finger over a dimmer, will do the trick.

The Best Foreplay

A very common misconception is that women ALWAYS need some hand or mouth foreplay directed at their vagina to get them in the mood. The reality is that women easily get turned on by kisses and caresses and when asked about their favourite type of foreplay, an overwhelmingly large number of women said that they get extremely turned on by dry sex. So for all those guys who are clueless about what they should do to get their girls in the act, a few slow, but stiff, over-the-skirt grinds will generate enough lubrication and enough desire to make her ride you like the bad little cowgirl she is.

Xpert Opinion: However, if you feel that you would like to give your girl a little taste of your oral skills, then try the ultimate manoeuvre: the finger/tongue combo. This involves using your tongue to write your name on the girls clitoris (just make sure your name has a lot C’s and O’s) while stroking her insides with tip of your fingers (using the abovementioned “come-hither” motion). But if you are still feeling a little uneasy about the whole thing, remember:

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