Sep 30, 2023
Having Sex When Kids Are Around

Very often, your sex life takes a backseat once you become a dad. Most of your time goes in changing nappies, singing lullabies to those cute little howling machines and cleaning up their mess. The whole day passes by in a jiffy and there is no time left for you to spend with your spouse. Even when you two retire to bed, all you do is talk about the chores scheduled for the next day.  Before you know it, you’ve forgotten what sex feels like. We totally understand your plight, which is why we always emphasise that you must never miss out on having sex. Physical intimacy is as important in a relationship as emotional attachment. Sex is the best thing ever and there is no reason it should stop. This is how you can revive your sex life even with kids around in the house.

When The Baby Is Sleeping Next To You

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Imagine this. Your baby is sleeping right next to her. You accidentally brush her thigh with your hand. Before you know it, your hand is sliding up to your hip. She is getting in the mood too. What is stopping you two then? Ah, the sleeping baby of course. We know how distressing it could be for a child to be exposed to parents having sex. But if the infant is younger than 6 months, then the above rule doesn’t really hold true. What you may do is keep a crib nearby, in case things heat up. If you don’t feel right about shifting the baby, may we remind you – you have the entire floor to yourself. It will not only let your baby enjoy sound sleep, but will also bring in some spontaneity and excitement!

When The Baby Is Wide Awake

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It’s good to spend time with your baby, but it is also totally alright to sneak out and have some time alone. You may feel the urge to have sex while your baby is playing in the same room. Study the baby’s temperament. If you think he is good to go for a while, quietly sneak out and hit the drawing room for a passionate quickie. A healthy sex life ensures high spirits during the day, which is highly essential when there is baby around in the house.

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Your baby went off to sleep a little early today. You still have one hour all to yourself. Just as you get under the sheets, your child knocks. He has probably just seen a nightmare and is terrified. Of course your first priority should be to make your child feel safe. Does that mean you skip it tonight? Not at all, given the fact that the last time you did it was a month ago. Once you’re sure the child is asleep, quietly peep out into some other room from where you can hear him, if the need be. Keep the lights low, close the door and have your clothes nearby. Go for it. It’s not as difficult as you think it is.

When You Fear Your Child Barging In

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You’ve spent the whole Sunday morning waiting for this one moment. The kids are busy watching their favourite cartoon on the television and the kitchen has finally given your wife some time out. You two get in the bedroom for some alone time. But what if your child barges in?  This is when you should introduce rules like ‘knock before you enter’. Whether or not you’re having sex, you kids must learn to respect your privacy. Having a child doesn’t mean you should compromise on it. Lock the door when necessary. You’re a good parent; it’s time to be a good lover.

When It Is Just Impossible To Have Some Time Alone

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One kid is still easy to handle. But as the second one arrives, there goes your sex life into the bin. You rarely go out on dates with your wife. Start it off with a romantic dinner at your favourite restaurant. Revive old memories. Give her a long, passionate kiss that takes her back to your dating days. It is alright to leave your kids home and go out with your wife to revive old memories. Hire a babysitter for the night. Book a room in a fancy hotel to quench your thirst for some passionate sex.

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