Iron Gym Ab Straps

Exercise with the Iron Gym Ab Straps


‘Working-out, exercise and health and fitness’ are all words that hold a great deal of importance these days to the young and the old alike. Most of us seem to be totally health conscious and want to remain ‘fit’. Opting for accessories required for daily work outs is no longer a waste of money but essentials. Iron Gym Ab straps work out perfect for all those who are hell-bent of getting their abs in shape. Ab straps, as the name suggests, are equipment for exercising the abdominal muscles. These straps are more often than not used for trainees who find it tough holding on to an overhead bar and support the body weight for exercises related to the abs. These straps are able to reduce the strength required for a grip.

Exercise with the Iron Gym Ab Straps

* Bent-Leg Rise:

These Ab straps work out apt for the working out of the hip flexors and the abdomen once you have attached these straps to an overhead bar. Placing your upper arms in the ab strap with your hands on the top for support, you can hang on these with your legs extended. As these Iron Gym Ab Straps are strong enough to take your weight without snapping you can bend your knees and bring it to your chest, and lower it gain. You can continue this for some time without having any tensions of the straps snapping. You might take some time to get a hang of this exercise but is not tough at all with these Ab straps.


The Price Factor

These Iron Gym Ab Straps are affordable and reasonable and can last for a long time without giving way or snapping as these are made of materials which are tough. You can feel completely supported even after swinging from these for some time.

The Features of Iron Gym Ab Straps

Made of a polyester construction which is sturdy, these straps can hold up to 300 pounds. These can be mounted on a standard sized door without the use of any tools. You are provided with easy instructions to use these, which can add to the convenience.

Benefits of the Iron Gym Ab Straps

Not only for workings out the abs, but this Iron Gym Ab are straps ideal for the work out of hands and legs also. The Velcro used in these straps is tough and of a good quality. You can also opt for ab straps with a G-lock. You can say that they only add to the versatility of workouts as they are able to enable core and ab work. You can feel secure as these straps do not move around the bar they are attached to. To add to the comfort, the straps do not exert any pressure on your arms.

Being able to get hold of this equipment, that is, the Iron Gym Ab Straps can instill the confidence you require to work out your abs and also stomach. This can be termed as a total worthy purchase. You can now exercise without any tensions with this accessory added to your exercise equipment.