10 Ways To Get The Girl Who Is Out Of Your League


She’s the girl of your dreams and makes your heart swoon with happiness. She is the one who makes you go all dreamy and you love all the little moves she makes. The way she laughs and rolls her eyes makes your day brighter. She is the best thing that could happen to you …and she is out of your league.

But hurt not. Because we tell you how you can date the girl of your dreams. So, buck up and read on.

1. Pure Intentions, Nothing Else!

You cannot just purely like a girl because of the way she looks. You have to put aside this aspect of her personality and ask yourself why you like her. If you can count five reasons then you are good to go. The reasons need to be good ones, and so if you count making your ex jealous or improving your social status as one of the reasons then you definitely need some therapy.

2. Don’t Try To Be A Gentleman, Be A Gentleman

A nice guy will always have a headstart as against a jerk who just wants to get into her pants. So, be a better person, not just to her but also to others. She will notice these qualities in you sooner or later and it will go a long way in improving your personality too. And don’t even try to act nice because she will probably see through it and you might just get banned from her life forever.


3. Support Her And Be Around For Her

Ways To Get The Girl Who Is Out Of Your League
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Now, we know that it’s a bit cheesy, to be at her disposal all the time. But if you think the same then maybe you need to lower your goals or settle for someone mediocre. We are not saying you should stalk her wherever she goes, but just be available. If she’s in your office then sync your coffee breaks. If you already know her then dress properly when you are around her and learn to make some small talk. Moving over the initial greetings is a big step forward.

4. No Arrogance

It’s a deal breaker, because wooing a girl of your dreams is no easy task. Be confident but do not trudge on the lines of arrogance. You will be immediately shut off and your departure will be swift. Also, don’t be a fool and intimidate her by being too proud or full of yourself.

5. Bring Forth Your Virtues

In spite of what people say, good personality isn’t always enough. Sometimes, it’s that little extra which is the clincher in these scenarios. If you lack in good looks then make up for it in talent. If you are creative then bring up your artsy side. She will appreciate and understand your worth in time. Don’t try to impress her, instead show her the things you are good at.

6. Find Common Interests And Share Your Stories

Ways To Get The Girl Who Is Out Of Your League
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Know her interests, share yours. By sharing your stories you will not only get to know her better but also develop a sense of personal bonding with her. Be a good listener and take genuine interest in what she has to say. Communication is the basic foundation in developing lasting relationships and it’s imperative that you focus on this aspect boldly.

7. Don’t Make Promises Which You Can’t Keep

Do not go into overdrive and promise her the moon. Be honest with her about your feelings and do not hide your true self. Be true to yourself and do not buy your way in. Be content with what you have with her and do not force anything.

8. Brains Over Beauty

Never be overwhelmed by her looks. Just think about this: Would you love her the same way if she puts on 15 Kgs more? Instead of the looks, appreciate the conversations and ideas. Debate her over her opinions and views. It’s always the ideas that should strike a chord because looks will fade away but the memory of umpteen conversations won’t.

9. Be A Little Dil-logical

Ways To Get The Girl Who Is Out Of Your League
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Don’t go the same flowers and chocolate way once you decide to make a proposal. Do something quirky—impress her first with something atypical of her personality. This is the time to use all of your talent, sing if you can, surprise her with a flash mob dance proposal. Sweep her off her feet, because this is your only chance to win her over, completely.

10. Don’t Take It Too Seriously

If she rejects you then it won’t be the end of it. So, you need to weed out all the negativity and insecurity and try with all your heart. Use a pinch of humour to test the waters. Make her laugh. A nice guy with tons of wits can do wonders. So, sit back and relax. Don’t be a joker but be the guy whom everyone looks up to in order to find some comic relief. Try not to make any jokes at the expense of others. It’s a strict no.

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